By Anonymous - 14/10/2009 03:25 - France

Today, I was so bored, I sewed my name into my underwear. FML
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You sir, are pathetic

at least you'll always know they're yours?


You sir, are pathetic

that's really stupid. you can work on your studies, work out, fix your hair, take a walk or even eat get off your high horse and get a job

Well next time you're bored do a little research on how to correctly use a comma.

bugmenotmofo 34

This should be on MLIA ( not Fmylife

I wouldn't call him/her pathetic... ok yes I would but that's just because I'm an asshole. Anyways, I would just call him/her pretty stupid xD Just read a book or take a walk or some shit, sewing is lame. :D

how the hell is the FML?????? ;)

pathetic just doesnt cut it.....

he's french

boredom makes us do crazy things

x0stormbringer 0

anddd THIS xD

and this.

i agree. this as well.

And This! Is Ariel XD wait; what are we saying This For = ?

Because this is awesome

at least you'll always know they're yours?

liveBabylon 0

AWWWW That's adorable :)

Awesome haha. This reveals a new level of boredomness.

LemonadePink 0

Why didn't you just make paper snowflakes? or take a walk? or fucking something man haha.

Fucking something? Good suggestion.

this belongs on mlia, not fml :P least you did something with your time. I just take a nap when I'm bored.

Props to OP for knowing how to sew.