By besosforme - 21/02/2015 04:17 - United States - Sacramento

Today, I noticed our weekly biohazardous waste pickup didn't occur as usual at the surgery center where I work. After calling, the company informed me they were short staffed and couldn't make it out 'til next week. Guess that amputated finger is just going to marinate another week. FML
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besosforme tells us more.

Actually... It was! I'm thinking about breaking the contract with this company (after they pick up the finger- and the rest of the waste, of course). They've been nothing but unreliable and difficult to work with.

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I used to love the word "marinate" but this has forever ruined it for me.

rieebee 23

"Smell my finger!"


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1dvs_bstd 41

good... good for you.

Was it finger food?

am I the only one who thought of Hannibal at the words 'marinate' and 'ate'?

Was it finger lickin' good?

I accidentally read it as sugar center. Had to re-read the post, haha.

JMichael 25

Sounds tasty.

Short but to the point and pretty much sums up the FML.

tantanpanda 26

eh, spray some formaldehyde and it will last another week or so.

I am eating right now… was eating, that is.

You too, huh.

When will people learn not to eat and read FMLs at the same time?

Might want to let them know the situation, that's just gross.

i think if they work for a biohazard waste clean up facility, they know what to expect

Offer to host a bbq for new hires?

tell them the finger foods are 'one of a kind'

Yummy , nothing like rotting flesh to make the day go by. Besides if you do cosmetic liposuction you can make soap and dynamite .

rieebee 23

"Smell my finger!"

I used to love the word "marinate" but this has forever ruined it for me.

percolate would ruin coffee. oops!

I'd be more upset if I was the amputee...