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  Rababco  |  29

@70 Normally I'd agree with you but that actually makes sense because he can have a high-pitched voice when singing. Even some of the best male singers can sing high notes (called false-setio.)

  ImAFaker  |  29

What? That's a terrible story. What's she going to say? "One time when I was driving, I tried to hit a high note in a song and ended up crashing my car." Yeah great story.

  BRSekelsky  |  2

Ya see sonny. The year was 2014. A cold and dreary February morning. every thing was fine, until that blasted song came on the radio.... I was singing along splendidly, then while attempting to hit the high note in "the way" by Ariana Grande I passed out. I smashed my car into the bumper of another car.
To this day, that song is banned from being played in our town. I refused to drive after that day, I walked to work up hill both ways.

By  LiterOfCola  |  16

Have people forgotten what "YDI" actually means? The fact that there are more YDIs on this FML is retarded.

Just because it's your fault doesn't make it deserved...

  LiterOfCola  |  16

Reread what I wrote. I said it is OP's fault but that doesn't mean they deserve it. Singing in the car means you deserve to black out and crash? Are you crazy?

  LiterOfCola  |  16

Perhaps I could be more clear. I don't think being at fault means you deserve it necessarily. Something can be your fault without you deserving whatever outcome happens. When people die texting and driving, I wouldn't say they deserve it. It's their fault, perhaps they had it coming, but they don't deserve it. There's a distinction I think a lot of people don't understand. And clearly some people can't even understand a comment written with decent English. I said it was OP's fault.