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Today, I was singing while driving through the car park. I blacked out trying to hit a high note, and ended up bashing into another car. FML
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Cwizer 17

Those high notes are pretty hard to do. Maybe don't so it while being in control of a car?


Cwizer 17

Those high notes are pretty hard to do. Maybe don't so it while being in control of a car?

Am I weird for wanting to know what song?

I think a muse song would fit better...queen isn't very high...

SmallBean 12

Must've been a Justin Bieber song.

#62 Justin Bieber jokes are getting old.

WTF? Why did I get down voted for Pantera but the guy who mentioned Queen got thumbed up?

@70 Normally I'd agree with you but that actually makes sense because he can have a high-pitched voice when singing. Even some of the best male singers can sing high notes (called false-setio.)

I hope you're okay! Good thing you weren't hurt too bad!

I may be wrong but i believe its where you park cars. I could be wrong about what a car park is.

@80 Nah, I think it's where cars go to have fun.

This is a story of a winner right here. At least you have the best story ever for your grand children!

What? That's a terrible story. What's she going to say? "One time when I was driving, I tried to hit a high note in a song and ended up crashing my car." Yeah great story.

Ya see sonny. The year was 2014. A cold and dreary February morning. every thing was fine, until that blasted song came on the radio.... I was singing along splendidly, then while attempting to hit the high note in "the way" by Ariana Grande I passed out. I smashed my car into the bumper of another car. To this day, that song is banned from being played in our town. I refused to drive after that day, I walked to work up hill both ways.

Well the car glass did end up breaking. On the other hand, I don't think breaking glass on impact counts.

Well that's one way to end it on a high note.

Grauncho 27
Grauncho 27

Couldn't you just thumbs up the comment like a sane person?

Be an interesting story to tell the police. No law against singing and driving. But should be a law against people who sing really badly.

LiterOfCola 16

Have people forgotten what "YDI" actually means? The fact that there are more YDIs on this FML is retarded. Just because it's your fault doesn't make it deserved...

OP seemed to focus more on singing than driving. If that is the case, then they do deserve it.

If it's not OPs fault, whose is it?

#10, OP pretty much made him/her-self black out while driving, so OP absolutely deserved it. Lucky he/she didn't kill anyone.

LiterOfCola 16

Reread what I wrote. I said it is OP's fault but that doesn't mean they deserve it. Singing in the car means you deserve to black out and crash? Are you crazy?

LiterOfCola 16

Perhaps I could be more clear. I don't think being at fault means you deserve it necessarily. Something can be your fault without you deserving whatever outcome happens. When people die texting and driving, I wouldn't say they deserve it. It's their fault, perhaps they had it coming, but they don't deserve it. There's a distinction I think a lot of people don't understand. And clearly some people can't even understand a comment written with decent English. I said it was OP's fault.

Wow never have I heard of that happening before..