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Today, I was doing homework and I had my leg bent in a funny position. When I stood up, my hip dislocated. It was the most painful thing I've ever experienced. When people ask me what happened, I have to say I dislocated my hip doing calculus. FML
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Just tell people you dislocated it while having sex! It's a white lie.. At least you'll have some fun!

They don't X-ray when you dislocate something. Just pop it back in and continue on your way. You will be in a pain for a bit but that's because you just dislocated something. I've dislocated my knee 8 times

Not really. It depends on the type of the dislocation. Some will require an x-ray and some don't. Besides, some doctors will do it to make sure :)

#49 For sensitive areas such as the spine they will do a CT scan or an MRI (CT to check for dislocation/fracture & MRI if damage to nearby tissues other than the bone is suspected), however, an x-ray is usually done before going to such extremes.

whoosh! thats the sound of the joke flying rught over your head #49

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I guess #49 can't "differentiate" between what's supposed to be a joke and what's serious :)

It sucks when you can't function :(

#49 when I took a first aid course a few years back, I was told that you shouldn't pop a dislocated joint back in (unless you're a doctor, obviously) because you could trap nerves or tendons or whatever and cause even more damage.

You acctually dislocated your hip when you stood up ^^ But ouch must have been painful ..

Welp, it's been said that Calculus is a painful thing to learn.

I dislocated my hip once while lying in bed...

I dislocated mine sitting on my couch.

I dislocated my knee making the bed, I feel your pain!

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Mine does it all the time, usually in the mornings. I honestly don't feel a thing until it pops back into place and I realize that it was out.

I'd rather injure myself than do calculus too....

Now I'm wondering, what are the odds of that happening?

No kidding. No worries, OP. I once broke my ribs letting my cat indoors...

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Maybe you can use this as an excuse not to do calculus

OP see if you can get a doctor's note excusing you from any math over the level of pre-calculus.

"Calculus dislocates my hip so I can't come to class anymore"

Better than the dog ate my homework excuse I guess ?

My brother once dislocated his shoulder from sneezing... So don't worry OP!

He was literally lying in bed.... And sneezed.... And dislocated his shoulder. I had to pop it back in ?. (I've done it before)

I cannot even imagine how painful a hip dislocation would be! I hope you have a speedy recovery!

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trust me, you don't want to know. I dislocated my knee a few years ago and was too scared to go the doctor. I did get it popped in by this massage therapist in the end because I couldn't walk, and if i tried, my whole side would crack from my knee, up to my waist. It took about 4 months for it to finally get better, and even now it hurts when it's winter time and I can't sit criss cross style anymore. So be careful because dislocating anything hurts!