By Julie - Denmark - F?rup
Today, it's been three months since my sister broke her car, meaning she couldn't get to work, and I've giving her money every month so she could buy food and so on. I just found out that her workplace is less than 200 metres from where she lives. FML
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  Noreason89  |  6

#46 People haven't changed the only thing that's changed is now we have social media/internet etc. to show case and more so expose the crappy people in society. People are just as as good and just as bad as they have ever been we simply see more of it now than we have in the past thanks to these outlets

By  Saaka999  |  12

You really shouldn't giving people (even it's your sister) money without checking other options first. My first question would have been 'What about public transport?'

  justsayin91  |  10

many places, especially smaller, rural areas, don't have public transportation. you either have a vehicle, have a friend with a vehicle, or walk.or you don't go anywhere. that's just how it is.