By unwanted daughter - 02/07/2014 15:54 - Canada - Oliver

Today, I overheard my mother talking to her friend, and using me as an example of how it's sometimes best to swallow. FML
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Wow, sorry OP sometimes parents speak before they think

some people shouldn't ever be parents.


Wow, sorry OP sometimes parents speak before they think

And if she did mean it why don't you give her a GOOD reason to hate you

Your mom sounds fantastic. Though to be fair if the aim is avoiding babies spitting works just as well...

Yes... So many methods of birth control simply aren't taught in standard sex education...

Wow citygirl, now you're just flirting with me aren't you. To be fair I know women find the beard irresistible.

ppsycomom 7

If we thought about it.. so many wouldn't be borne.. birthcontrol as an after thought???

That must be really weird. I'm sorry.

Atleast she didn't swallow you?

now that's what I call looking at the bright side lol.

The next time you receive an honor for your awesomeness, OP, just remember, you were lucky to land in her ovaries and not her overbite.

Are you sure she doesn't just mean you're not good at eating/drinking

Your picture is perfect.

TwiztedYuri 9

Just save this fml and then read it again once you've grown up

Its a simple joke sweetheart read the comment again when you've got a sense of humor

A joke? Had a dull ring to it if you ask me. Putting in a / doesn't help with the effect.

55, I wish you said sweetie instead of sweetheart

You fan I fan we're fans fan fan fan

some people shouldn't ever be parents.

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Which is why she should have swallowed

It's a shame that the irresponsible ones are the ones more likely to end up accidentally pregnant. imagine how different the world would be if it were the kindest most decent responsible people who sucked at using birth control and ended up with all the "unwanted" babies while all the idiots never had kids

So she spit you into her magic box?

that's what I was wondering. there is definitely not necessarily a link between intercourse and swallowing or not swallowing, although intercourse THEN swallowing would definitely be a win on multiple fonts. . .

bluestrawberry17 17

Mother knows best?

That's revolting...

Wow I'm sorry op, some people just aren't cut out to be parents

Well My mom feels the same. But i think its because i have a twin brother. Cuz we kinda destroyed her body

This is an awful comment. Having a baby, or even twins, doesn't ruin someone's body. All moms I know say it's worth it, and many moms I work out with regained their fitness and have smokin' bodies ... even after multiple pregnancies. "Ruining my body" is one of the last things I worry about when thinking about having kids.

Never understood why kids are blamed for destroying the mothers body. Sure it's their birth that causes it but it isn't like they chose to be born.

Yes. Don't worry about ruining your body, just worry about ruining certain parts of it. (Seriously, after a few kids sex is like throwing a sausage repeatedly into a bin)

Yeah but my mother never really wanted kids and kicked my brother and i both out when we were 16. And im not saying that for sympathy. Im saying it because not all mothers feel the same

That's ******* awful. I know you didn't want sympathy, but I'm so sorry for you.

That's just an excuse we use to explain why we gained weight. If 18 years later you're still blaming your kids for your improper diet and lack of exercise, you have some issues. At that point it isn't baby fat anymore. It's just fat, and you can't blame it on your kids forever. Many women continue to exercise during their pregnancy or start again after having the baby.

#54 It's a really unbelievable story. I can't imagine such a lady. I' m sorry for op.