By soni_miller - 26/01/2016 06:02 - United States - Burke

Today, I learned the hard way what the inside of my toe looks like. FML
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soni_miller tells us more.

Hey guys! I'm OP, I just didn't log in to give the FML. At the end of October, my iPad accidentally fell on my big toe, affecting my nail and the skin around it. It still didn't heal and yesterday it started chipping and peeling off. It actually didn't hurt when it did. But DO NOT EVER DROP YOUR IPAD ON YOUR TOE BECAUSE IT WILL HURT SO BAD.

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What exactly happened

Wow, that sounds toetally, disgusting sorry OP!


What exactly happened

Wizardo 33


What would be the easy way?

and whoxh yoe ar

That sounds painful! What happened?!

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Wow, that sounds toetally, disgusting sorry OP!

drunkmunkey 24

remember if you hold the barrel facing down always have it pointing slightly away from your body

What makes you think OP was holding a gun? OP could have easily cut their toe open.

you don't get the joke do you?

MyrmidonQueenn01 9

Well the more you know, the more you grow I guess

What does OP mean

On penis. It's a secret code word people use when they're having intercourse and commenting on FML at the same time.

Original Poster.

Oragami Paper. the secret art of folding paper so it looks like cute animals.

People just don't learn, do they? It means Orangutan Penis.


Orange Paste

Outstanding Peanuts.

PePziNL 20

One Piece.

Orgasmic Pussy

Well, I think what the OP was trying to say was that something terribly happened to her toe, allowing her to see the inside of it. Oh wait, am I answering it correctly? Oh dear.

KhaleesiDannie 26

Gotta watch out for that slippery ice