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Exactly. OP, as long as you didn't do something stupid like put registry information or "only monetary gifts requested" on the invitations, you're good. Might be a lot of phone calls, but if I were a guest I'd laugh it off. Congrats!

Most people will realise the mistake and contact you anyway, it's no big deal. I hope your wedding goes wonderfully and I hope that this isn't too much of an issue! :)


Send more? Wedding invitations aren't usually very cheap, not to mention how time consuming they are to send out.

Well of course you didn't write the date. Predicting omens can be hard. Not many know when the "first snowfall as the eagle cries under a full moon" happens.


Oh, err... that happens every time I get drunk. I listen to the snowflakes' cries as they drown, and I smile.

Better no date than the wrong date! Expect some phone calls! Don't worry too much; every wedding has lots of mishaps that you can laugh at years down the road. Congratulations though!

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41, what? Where is the judging in that comment? It may be stupidly worded, but the idea is perfectly valid.

Don't feel bad I've seen other people do this as well... Nothing like a 'save the date' invite without a date lol

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