By mannnnn2717 - 20/12/2009 22:41 - Australia

Today, I finally got around to writing my Christmas cards. After finishing, I realized I had written "Happy Birthday" instead of "Merry Christmas" on every single one. FML
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big deal. just write "jesus" after happy birthday.

send a merry Christmas card on their birthdays


big deal. just write "jesus" after happy birthday.

^^ This Or just send them, it's what I'd do. Like anyone will actually care

perfection. (My friends always send me Merry Christmas cards, and just cross out "Christmas" and write "Chanukah" lol)

Hah. I did that, on a Christmas card for a secret Santa. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY! ( Jesus...)"

LOL, i agree with 1 :D for once, i actually like the person whose in #1 place. instead of "first!" the person actually came up with something clever.

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Yeah except for the fact that technically Jesus was born in March.. But I guess years of lies will make up for it sounding correct. OP, you're pretty stupid to not notice that, so YDI

@ #30; jesus was born in september....not march....

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Either way, it wasn't December, so the happy birthday wouldn't work

I'm sorry OP, but I beleive you have confused this with MLIA. And btw Jesus was born in April. The catholic church moved christmas so it was at the same time as a big pagan holiday so people had to choose which one to celebrate (there must have been a lot of people celebrating both). Anyways, all religions are stupid, so who cares?

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would you look at that your just as smart as me. ( something stupid our guidane consalors told us to say when we have the same idea...)

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reyer- just because your atheist, doesn't mean religion isnt very important to some people. the whole holiday of Christmas is meaningful to Christian, and it kinda pisses me off how commercial it is. you don't think Jesus is son of god, or god exists, why are you celebrating his birth?

A Demetri Martin joke stirs unnecessary controversy over the true Christmas date - whether Jesus was born on the 25th of December or not is far beyond the point of writing Happy Birthday on Christmas cards.

haha smooooooooooooooooooooooooooth but ya agree with #1 as well. unless ur family dnt belive that shit then your screwed :)

If his family didn't believe in that then why would he be sending Christmas cards in the first place?

Alot of people celebrate x-mas without being that religion

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But that works just fine! Happy Birthday is what Frosty the Snowman Exclaims!

Good try at being original.. but #1 got it :(

32 hate to burst your bubble but #1 was stolen from Daniel tosh.

just send them, it'll be funny. they'll laugh