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  jessxoxo28  |  5

LOL, i agree with 1 :D
for once, i actually like the person whose in #1 place. instead of "first!" the person actually came up with something clever.


Yeah except for the fact that technically Jesus was born in March.. But I guess years of lies will make up for it sounding correct.

OP, you're pretty stupid to not notice that, so YDI

  ReyEr9412  |  0

I'm sorry OP, but I beleive you have confused this with MLIA.

And btw Jesus was born in April. The catholic church moved christmas so it was at the same time as a big pagan holiday so people had to choose which one to celebrate (there must have been a lot of people celebrating both). Anyways, all religions are stupid, so who cares?


reyer- just because your atheist, doesn't mean religion isnt very important to some people. the whole holiday of Christmas is meaningful to Christian, and it kinda pisses me off how commercial it is. you don't think Jesus is son of god, or god exists, why are you celebrating his birth?

  andyyroxx  |  20

A Demetri Martin joke stirs unnecessary controversy over the true Christmas date - whether Jesus was born on the 25th of December or not is far beyond the point of writing Happy Birthday on Christmas cards.

  saviisneat  |  0

Um, actually, it depends on how you say it out loud. Some people say EL-OH-EL (L-O-L) reading the letters. Others read it as LAUGH OUT LOUD. So depending on which way you say it, you use whatever is appropriate. You would say "AN" EL-OH-EL fail. Or you would say "A" LAUGH OUT LOUD fail. I can see you were trying to be a douche, but that's okay I corrected you.

  bmoney2011  |  0

Who the hell reads laugh out loud for lol?! I think if you WROTE "a LOL fail" it should be read as el-oh-el. Not laugh out loud. Because if you wanted it to be read as a laugh out loud fail that's what you should write. So I'm right. It's how he wrote it, not how youuuu personally read it. The way he wrote it is incorrect, and I'm not trying to be a douche just when you make fun of someone you Should be grammatically correct and not like "that was a LOL fail" or something like "I have A appointment" it's not correctly WRITTEN. Which is what I corrected not how you read it