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Today, it was my wedding day, and while I was standing next to my husband in front of all of our guests, I was rocking on my heels because I was nervous. I rocked too far and fell backward. My husband didn't come to help me up. He just said at the top of his lungs, "FAIL!" FML
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That is like the stupidest thing to say out loud...

Although I laughed quite hard at this FML, it really sucks he didn't pick you up. Haha, this stuff happens in comedies, you'd say, but nooo :D


NGM_47 0

That is like the stupidest thing to say out loud...

no1askdu 5

no its not... "Gadzookery" is the stupidest thing he could've said out loud.

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do you blame him? you must be the biggest retard alive

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Oops. i guess i am stupid. i do that like... every 3 minutes... lol.

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I hate when people say that in real life, so I agree that it is a pretty stupid thing to say.

he didn't add a "LOL NOOB" in there?


ok, i agree with everyone who disagrees with this 1st comment. and yeah, i rly wish there was an LOL NOOB thrown in there too. that would've made it...and also, OP, your husband=awesome. grow up, stop bitching, and honestly, you had to see this coming. you don't know him well enough to expect a response like that? really? go get the divorce over with now, then, cause if a little thing like this makes you feel like your life's ******, you don't want to know whats on the horizon...

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I say he's been on Failblog too much...


and, i dunno, #1. i hear someone actually use "ne'er-do-well" in a sentance the other day...i'd say thats a lot more stupid. so u know what i did? i interupted him and was like "FAIL!". and then told him to stop speaking in the presence of anything with ears for the rest of his life.

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how the **** was she a retard??? almost everyone is nervous when they r getting married!! but in this case I think she is marrying a 13 year old

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you picked a real winner I tell you what


lol your side of the family probly hates him now

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No? I doubt he shouted it. If this FML is true, he probably just passivly said itto where she could say it like under his breath. No man in his right mind would yell "FAIL" to everyone at his wedding. It's probably an exaggeration.

HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!! That is exactly what i would've done... At'a kid!

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what i REALLY REALLY want to know is if he pointed at you and said it, or just said it. if he pointed, he gets a double win....

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I think that's kinda the point. He did something no man in his right mind would do. He should be writing in here but he has no sense.

Although I laughed quite hard at this FML, it really sucks he didn't pick you up. Haha, this stuff happens in comedies, you'd say, but nooo :D

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youre a douchbag. THAT is all.

attention FMLer's testicles. That is all

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#15, have a since of humor you douche bag. OP's husband is awesome.

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Most of my dude friends yell that all the time something goes wrong, They ran over my bong about 5 people yelled fail

2nd JK divorce that suckbag immediately thats not funny

right because divorce is the answer to every marriage problem. sheesh and people wonder why everyone always get divorced. Maybe its because despite the fact that it is a promise to stay with that person forever, people quit with out trying to work things out.

I hope you stay with him, he's awesome!!

May be the stupidest, but definately ******* hilarious.

Have fun in that marriage. Post another FML when he starts hitting you and laughing, bellowing while he's at it about how epic it is. And when he calls you a cumdumpster when you have a miscarriage because he beats you and does nothing to help.

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Yeah, because that would be the only logical progression of events.

We're you're too ugly for your husband to love you but please, kindly STOP BEING A BITCH ON FML!

Agreed. #10 clearly has some serious issues and should seek therapy.

#10 is A) A troll - in which case, well done for pulling off the mentally unstable feminist so well B) A mentally unstable feminist - in which case, pretend you're a troll and people might actually take you more seriously.


she's right you know, this is how it starts... first he laughs at you when something funny happens, then he's kicking you in the uterus, over and over again, for not making him a ham sandwich fast enough. he'll probably beat the children too. come the **** on, are u for real? you really think that him having a little bit of a laugh is the first stage in the whole spousal abuse situation? what ******* planet did you grow up on? remember, feminazi, loosen the combat boots up a little an get your head out of your ass so you can get some air. to all LEGITIMATE feminists(the ones who want equality, not the ones like this crazy ****** bitch who wants dominance) i don't mean to offend're the ones being given a bad name by the ones like this'n. oh and BTW, EPIC FAIL, cancoha!!!