By rubgy_lover / Thursday 27 June 2013 15:02 / Canada - Surrey
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  jkmartinjk  |  16

Really 44? For a slap? There are ways outside of going to the judicial system to solve problems. Instead, OP can ban (or speak to someone who /can/ ban) the person from the library. Seems more reasonable.

  kozzard  |  17

45 while true that there are other ways to go about it, its very doubtful that this is the first time they've lashed out. the judicial system is there to protect people from exactly this kind of violent behaviour. who else has this person assaulted for no reason than they could? family, friends, other people just trying to do their job? the police are exactly the people OP needs to call to handle this, before "the patron" escalates their violent behaviour and people get seriously hurt.

  MilkyFilmz  |  26

Yea, the things it takes to anger some people..

  MilkyFilmz  |  26

Who thumbed this down? Some people can not take s joke.

  Sputnikspak  |  13

51 - Oh yeah. Most libraries have security.

My boyfriend worked at several libraries. He literally wrote a book about the crazy shit that happened there. Including a girl who returned a book with a used tampon in it.

And if there is no security, call the non-emergency police line or your town might have public security.

  Mr_Satan  |  11

There's definitely something wrong with him. It's a fairly common problem, and no where is truly safe from its effects. It's most widely known as "being a dick"

  M3DIC4T3  |  29

Aside from the people who are dicks, most people don't act like that. Maybe this person was Autistic, and it's just sad because OP had no way of knowing, and this person obviously doesn't know any better. Hopefully whoever that person was will be able to get help and gain age appropriate social skills.

  queerdragon  |  20

Why do you assume they are autistic? I have seen a mentally capable, normally sane man leap across a cash register and pull out some poor girls earrings. She was bleeding and he got taken away for assault. This man was my grandfather and he was 54 at the time and had no mental problems. Other than being a violent asshole.