By Anonymous - 28/7/2020 17:04

Blender time!

Today, I've told my boyfriend several times that my toothless grandma can only eat pureed foods, but likes any kind of soup, "as long as there's no meat in it." Guess what was his idea of a gift for her when meeting her for the first time? A steak. FML
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  RichardPencil  |  28

Makes a lot of sense. Grandmas love to watch boys eat.

He brought her a steak so she could make it for him and watch him eat it. That's top-notch entertainment for grannies!

By  kendonmcb  |  18

There are exactly three options: 1. this is fake. I mean, who brings a steak as a gift when meetings someones grandma for the first time, regardless of her eating abilities? 2. He is an idiot. Also not unlikely. 3. He is a gigantic asshole. Would be the saddest option, but absolutely possible.