By Anonymous - United States - Woburn
Today, my husband thought it would be acceptable to watch Breaking Bad on Netflix with my 4-year-old in the room. What happened to be the only line he picked up? "Well heil Hitler, bitch!" I found out from his preschool teacher. FML
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By  tazrek01  |  6

and watching it on any format other than Netflix would of been acceptable? Or have I missed the point here totally?

  Voij  |  16

Yes, yes you have.
It's about the fact that her 4-year old now yells this stuff wherever he goes, just because the husband was irresponsible enough to let his kid watch a show that's completely inappropriate for children.
The mentioning of Netflix was only to give more detail into the situation.

  daytoday21  |  10

I think he got what the real problem was...but he was (understandably) commenting on the unnecessary inclusion of "on Netflix." cant imagine the point of that modifier.

  SWC_Penguin  |  17

Well, heck, then let's just strip out all the details: "Today some guy let another guy hear something. The other guy repeated it to a lady, who told me. FML"

  Enslaved  |  36

The mention of Netflix was probably brought up because it means the husband could have watched it at any other time. Ex: when the 4 year old wasn't around or asleep.

By  srogue74  |  5

uh... wtf?
i've seen every episode including the latest ones, and i don't ever remember that line in breaking bad.
maybe your husband was watching one of your family's white supremacist rally?

  jamjam12  |  15

Jesse says it to Walt. I'm not sure but I feel like it would be during the scene early in season one when they are arguing over something (most likely lab equipment)

Edit: oops realized there was a video posted :)

  Enslaved  |  36

30, Well then, I must be a pathetic bandwagoners too. After so many people saying how great the show was, I finally decided to check it out. Especially since it's free on my Netflix's. I'm a fan.

By  bellidona  |  15

U should wash ur husbands mouth out w soap everytime ur child says it again ...or any bad word for that matter lol I bet he won't let ur son watch the stuff he shouldn't be again :-)


I think the fact that the teacher would know that kids are impressionable would make things worse, since the child is only repeating what he hears at home.

Which, in OP's case, might make them look like Neo-Nazis.

  katties  |  27

Why would you assume she thought he used it knowingly? She was just probably a )checking if the parents actually taught him things like that b) warning them that their kid has picked it up somewhere, so they could try to make him stop saying it and avoid embarrassing situations with other people

By  hbake  |  13

Believe it or not my Grandma used to say that when i was younger (i pretend shes not) lol and i like to think i turned out ok, however kids are like sponges they absorb every little thing.