Get the fuck out

By GetOut - 11/03/2022 16:00

Today, I can no longer tolerate my mother-in-law. She's not a bad person, but anytime she opens her mouth it is only to criticize, chastise, scold, or blame me. My husband is too terrified of her to ask her to leave our home. FML
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That is the definition of a bad person. Time to get her out.

Talk about it with your husband and kick her out together


Talk about it with your husband and kick her out together

That is the definition of a bad person. Time to get her out.

pandaandthepitty 12

She definitely sounds like a bad person. Especially if she's treating you like that on top of taking advantage of you and your kindness. Get her out before it's too late.

I bet your MIL is just dealing with her own issues and this is how it comes out. Would be interesting if instead of expressing vitriol when struggling people double downed on being pleasant...Would that be a better world?

that makes her a bad person. your husband needs to buck up and be a United front and handle her with you before you snap and it becomes a her or me situation

justwanttobesocial...butalsonot 9

Kinda sounds exactly like a bad person. If not that, then at least a harmful one.

Jon Tessler 14

kick her out yourself, and tell her to take her wimp of a child with her

walkerbait612 2

I've kicked my MIL out a bunch of times! Every time for this very reason. By no means do you have to stand there and take it! Especially in your own home. You need to express your feelings with your husband and come to an understanding about how she treats you and what can slide and what can not. Then inform her that if she can not be civil and keep her opinions to herself, then she will not be welcomed in your home.

If she truly only ever criticizes you, chastises you, scolds you and blames you for things that are not really your fault, how is she not a bad person? If that is truly all she does, she doesn't really seem to ping any of the "Good Person" check list items. And your husband is terrified of her? But she's not a bad person? She raised him, right? So why would he be afraid of her if she was a good person? Stop rationalizing how you feel about someone who is draining the energy from you and your family. Get rid of her.