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Today, I was complaining to my roommate that I never get asked out. Then, at work, a mentally challenged man left me his phone number on his pay ticket. Well, I guess I can't complain about never getting asked out. FML
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AngryNinja 1

poor man. he probably doesn't realize he's different. don't bitch about it, i feel bad for him. :(

Creepy older man would of been worst.


AngryNinja 1

poor man. he probably doesn't realize he's different. don't bitch about it, i feel bad for him. :(

iSwag 0

what's this?! AngryNinja showing sympathy? WTF is going on?

honestlove11 0

Well most of the the time they realize they are different. And they are happy the way they are :] They don't see themselves as mentally challenged. Just different. My boyfriend's brother has severe autism. I love him. :] I think he gets frustrated sometimes though..but everyone does. :]

LTMcleod 0

angry ninja, your sympathy is rude and a disgrace. I doubt he wants your pity and loves himself the way he is. stop being a bitch

LTM, you stop being the bitch..he was showing sympothy my god..stfu.

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lets wait and see how many sad people get excited at the chance to correct the spelling error in this FML. some people grow up to become doctors, lawyers, astronauts and mathematicians. some people go out and join the Peace Corps, help the world and make a difference. and some sit alone in a dark room, stuck to a computer, posting comments on a website where perfect grammar and spelling are unimportant. it's easy to look smart on the internet, where Google, dictionaries and thesauruses are only a click away. I guess if you think you are smart but actually aren't in real life, you come to the internet.

... and some people comment about them. hmmmm

iSwag 0

I agree with #5 in addition to #13 and #52

Oh, or you know, there /is/ this thing called spare time. Some people who are out there making a difference, also have spare time. Just a thought...

pendulum2012 0

if you take the time to be one of the first comments on almost every FML then you probably aren't out doing great or useful things in the world

Batman4890 0

while i totally agree with u; u cant do the jumbling up the word thing and still understanding it with a 2 letter word, cos the first and the last letter have 2 be the same

******* OWNED! sorry I felt the need to comment.

dg72592_fml 0

tremendous message #5 you are a champion. that shit is so annoying

milkshakesrule 0

well said. tbh I didnt even notice it utill u pointed it out. haha iv always hated English anyways 

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markisunder0ath 0

I think he was telling you that if you weren't retarded you would get asked out more, it's a pity date and the man is a saint.

flippyyfeatherr 0

umm.. be grateful?? that at least you got aske out once LMAO

lickmyjock 0

Yeah the real funny thing is that the dude is probably still out of her league.

lickmyjock 0

I don't get why this is an fml. I mean really. Retarded people jokes aside, they're still people it's a pretty nice thing that a person took a liking to you, and actually took the time to hit on you.

oogyboogy 6

lickmyjocks not even popular enough on fml to refer to him

pendatic you changed ur avy. it's usually a different sign, but now I actually have to read your username to know it's you

LauraTheKiwi 0

pendantic, are the people in your picture doing the YMCA with the painting? ;D

Yarixa 0

did you know that some guys pretend to be like that to get the girl? my brother does it all the time and he always gets one. so there was a chance that he wasn't really mentally challenged

So your brother scores with chicks who have a Rainman fetish? Sexy...