By birdhater - / Thursday 15 October 2009 06:16 / Australia
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By  CJ090  |  0

I couldn't take a bird in my house birds broke off a shingle on my house n flew in my attic. Above my room and them come some mornings and flap and annoy me but I would flip if they came in my room ever since the birds the movie I've been slightly afraid of birds

By  misspeg  |  0

there are rats or possums or something among the likes in my bfs roof. they are pretty rowdy at night. they have bn there for years. we call them the friends upstairs lol

By  alwaysalady  |  0

Once, a pidgin flew into my living room through an open window while i was asleep on the couch. i woke up screaming and ran outside. Now the two non english peaking Asian families on either side of me have started calling my "Mrs. Bird Lady."
Birds can really suck

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