By anonymous - 25/07/2013 01:31 - United States - Chicago

Today, I was going so slow in traffic that my GPS asked me if I wanted to switch to pedestrian mode. FML
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Mosey or don't mosey.

First world problems -_-

That profile picture is really disturbing....

I agree #53.

There's a button for that #60

this fml sucksl... op needs to get over it.. not the end of the world

They can do that???

Recently, yes.

Drive faster then? It's not rocket science.

OP said that they were in TRAFFIC.

You know how traffic works, right?

OP can't drive faster due to the traffic...

Oh fuck, my bad.

Oh it's quite alright. It appears you are forgiven. Except the phrase you were looking for is "rocket surgery" I believe, hmmm? :D

Car surgery? Please explain this joke? :P

Yea i kind of misunderstood too. OP should've worded it differently.

Op could just get a bigger car to push everyone out the way, or be one the assholes on motorcycles that ride between or on the side of the road to get ahead.

Between the cars*

Lol yeah I meant like people jokingly say "that's no rocket surgery" instead of "rocket science" :) so I couldn't resist

I've heard the expression "rocket surgery" before. It's a mix up of rocket science and brain surgery. As in, "Come on guys, this isn't rocket surgery". Just a little joke. It's not a widely known joke, though. I only know it from 1 song and 1 video game.

#34, are you stupid? The OP literally stated in her post "traffic" You must be.

OP could technically drive faster. That is if they want to stick their license plate into someones exhaust pipe.

67. No like i said i misunderstood it. If OP wouldve said "Traffic was going so slow" then i wouldve understood but they said they were going slow in traffic. I misread, it happens.

Lilhellian, what's your problem with motorcyclists? Of course they skip past traffic. It's one of the perks of riding a bike, and totally legal if you skip between traffic between the number 1 and 2 lane while traffic is going under 30 mph. Well, in california anyway. I think you're just jealous.

That sounds painful. Road burn for sure!

Lol so go faster? Don't be a turtle..

Same deal as 3's comment. OP was in traffic. They HAD to go slow.

This comment is driving me crazy! They're in traffic, nothing OP can do. You may need a reading GPS to give you directions to fml comprehension.

today, im stuck in traffic. FML

The new SAT component Math, Reading, Writing, FML Comprehension. 640, 490, 510, 210

The SAT comment made my day. Lol.

Traffic really sucks.

Well I'm sure that's not so much of a bad thing, you were in traffic of course you would be going slow.

There's such a thing as that??

I wonder if the transformers ever choose that option. xD

that must've been some slow ass traffic!