By Anonymous - 27/12/2010 16:28 - United States

Today, I was being driven to get my wisdom teeth removed and I was panicking all the way there. When we got to the office, I was told that I'd been brought in on the wrong day, and that I have to do this all over again tomorrow. FML
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"do this all over again" what? driving there? ooooh scary.

F the parents lives. They are stuck with the kid forever and have to live with the embarrassment and guilt that they are clearly failing in some way at parenting.


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ure pic is propaganda

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I love his default.

15- i love your pic :)

It's not that bad...

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How does it suck? You get to wait 1 more day! And even so, it's not as bad as people say it is. Stop making a mountain out of a molehill!

I agree with Selena, it isn't really bad. I was nervous as fuck about being put under (I got mine out a month ago), but they put me on anesthesia because I take meds so they first gave me stuff to get me all loopy so I wasn't aware what was going on, then put me under so I didn't realize it. then when I woke up the lamp looked like a freaking dog!!!

wisdom teeth can be a painless operation. I had them put me under and I woke up in my bed at home. the only pain I had was a sore jaw from it being open.

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when I had my teeth cut out, they put something in my iv and I completely blanked. after that I was so fucked up on vic that I sat on a couch. 3 days in a row. really content. kinda wanna do it again

your life's not fucked, your just a pussy

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um epic fail ?!

A worthy first comment if I ever saw one.

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you dumbass.

how is OP a dumbass it was the person who drove

why are you screaming? i haven't even cut you yet.

dude the guy who removed my wisdom teeth is a tourettes tard who over dosed me with the mahfuckin silly juice

I know how you feel. I too hate the dentist, they always act as if you can't feel pain.

Seriously, dude. My favorite is, "You're going to feel some pressure." What that really means is, "This is going to hurt really fucking bad."

Well...learn how to brush your teeth and it wont hurt that bad!

learn to keep your shirt on and we won't think you're a dummy

51 haha :) ♥

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Just relax and prepare yourself =]. It probably won't be as bad as you imagined.

omg it fucking sucks it hurts so bad

my gf almost died getting her teeth pulled

Wisdom teeth aren't that bad. I didn't have much pain and didn't take any of the painkillers, and mine weren't even fully developed.

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Mine were terrible. I actually woke up earlier than expected and started to leave the building when a nurse came running to the front door and pushed me into a wheelchair. And I wasn't given painkillers. They gave me some form of steroids.

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at least you didn't get them pulled

F the parents lives. They are stuck with the kid forever and have to live with the embarrassment and guilt that they are clearly failing in some way at parenting.

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What the hell? Wrong FML perhaps?

possibly the one before this one with that bratty kid at the doctors office?

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Yes lol wrong FML

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It will just hurt worse tomorrow.

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Well go again tomorrow. People go every sine day. Don't be scared OP! You can fix your attitude and teeth all in one trip! Can you fix it? As the Bob the builder and Obama say: "Yes we can!"