By Martin - 8/9/2020 23:01 - Switzerland

Extreme late fees

Today, I had an appointment to pull some wisdom teeth. I wrote the wrong time in my calendar. Showed up an hour late and they didn't pull the one tooth that actually hurts. Now I've got the pay for the time I was late, plus wait until November to pull the rest. I waited 5 months for this appointment due to the coronavirus. FML
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  LauraLaik  |  15

He had several teeth to pull. They probably didn’t have time to pull all of them because of him being late.
It’s just bad luck that the one that was really hurting him wasn’t pulled that day.


who says this one didn't? The dentist I work for has notification about appointments sent out through SMS, and you would be surprised about how many people still do not bother to come, or at least notify us they won't be coming.

Not to mention, at least here in Czech people are always complaining about the lack of dentists or how far the appointment times are - if you want to have your teeth in order, it's YOUR job to remember the times for your appointments.

By  coius  |  23

Need to take better care of your teeth. No one should need that many pulled unless they dont bother to even do minimal maintenance. Shouldve had wisdom teeth pulled before they got impacted