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  OrchidKitten  |  21

There's also people who are allergic to novocaine as well as certain procedures that can only be done with the patient under. I have a tooth that came in at such an odd angle, I'll have to be put under to have it removed.

  bobsanction  |  16

I had a tooth pulled while being awake. I've also had a root canal done with no numbing what so ever. It's not as bad as the shit that requires the tooth being removed or fixed in the first place.

  MamaChey  |  22

Typically, tough extractions are done with conscious sedation where a patient is wide awake but doesn’t remember a thing. That is likely what OP’s dentist used. To actually be put under requires an anesthesiologist.

  CoyoteOldOne  |  17

First, if the tooth was being pulled under complications, or was in the upper jaw near the facial nerve, it may have been an excruciating procedure without anaesthesia.

Or, maybe this dentist likes to gas his patients unconscious in the hopes they won't notice his dental school diploma is signed in crayon.

By  Stephanie High  |  6

I literally had 7 teeth pulled yesterday and they didn't put me under for it, just gave me lots of nova cain. Pretty much all dentists these days don't put you under for a simple teeth pulling. Also, a tooth that requires extraction would more than likely show visible signs of the state of the tooth, making it very unlikely for the dentist to pull the wrong one.
In summation I'm calling this FML out as false.

  OrchidKitten  |  21

Ironically, some people are ALLERGIC to novocaine. So for that usually the person gets put under for the procedure. Or it was a procedure that couldn't be done with only local anesthetic.