By Anonymous - 25/06/2013 04:56 - United States - Houston

Today, I used a public restroom. I saw my sister's shoes walk into the stall next to me, so I gave her a little nudge with my foot. We then nudged each other until I walked out and saw a homeless man with the same shoes as my sister. He then tried to hold my hand. FML
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Bathroom foot nudging is always the best way to make new friends.

Ray9889 8

That's pretty much all your fault... Shouldn't be playing footsies with someone while in the bathroom


Bathroom foot nudging is always the best way to make new friends.

OP you're actually weirder than the man wearing womens shoes

SwaggCapone 11

Did y'all play Battleshits too?

Personally, I would like to know why he was in the ladies, not the mens...

be grateful there wasn't a glory hole in there

Am I the only one that finds it weird that you were trying to play footsies with your sister while your pants were down?

cross dresser/tranny.... thinks he's a woman stuck in a mans body, so he chooses to use the women's room because he thinks it's where he should be going

hahaha i just can't stop laughing at this FML! it's so weird that the man was wearing the same shoes as the sister and goes into the girls restroom too!

89, neither of those terms are correct or polite (welcome to the 21st century, buddy). A transsexual woman would use the women's restroom. A cross dresser does it for a fetish and doesn't identify as female. A tranny is your limited language skills trying to understand something you've never had to experience. A homeless guy used the wrong bathroom. He could be illiterate. He could just not care.

Ray9889 8

That's pretty much all your fault... Shouldn't be playing footsies with someone while in the bathroom

Especially if your only identification is by their shoes: multiple people often own the same shoes. And if it was a man, couldn't his hairy legs have tipped you off?

perdix 29

#2, a'ight, a'ight. Maybe I ought to quit. So, genius, what would you have me do in there to kill time when taking a mega-dump? I'm all ears, Einstein!

Even if it was OP's sister, wouldn't that be a little weird? If I was trying to do a pee or poop, I wouldn't want my sister to start playing footsies with me from the next stall. :/

Lol ydi why on earth would you play footsies with ANYONE in bathroom!!!!!!!!

Anything in a bathroom would probably be weird. What I just want to know is why we don't press ydi when it is in fact ydi. It is completely obvious. Who the hell didn't press it? Tell me you dumb ******* bitches. If you aren't intelligent then get off the internet.

#61, Well, there are the people that vote YDI all the time that end up voting FML when fmls like this come around.

Ray9889 8

Well #18, perhaps you should concentrate more on what's going on inside your stall, instead of checking out the other persons shoes? You could always whip out your phone, mister, and go on FML to make "mega-dumps" more enjoyable.

#18 I don't know about you or anyone else....but I'm on the FML app while I'm on the can until I finish up

You realize he was in the ******* women's bathroom?

Did he at least wash his hands before he tried to hold yours?

Lol ew. You didn't notice his feet were bigger? Unless your sister has massive feet/ he had tiny ones. Or his shoes were dirty.

your sisters shoes are not the only pair out there

Unless they're homemade shoes with cloud, moon, and rainbows stickers, silver glitter, a dead spider, and bacon strips on them.

Lady and the Tramp meets 2 Stalls 1 Footsie.

killer6969 16

Well looks like someone found their soulmate just hope he doesn't stay outside your apartment for four hours

or solemate, which would be more appropriate in this situation.

perdix 29

Your sister wears hobo shoes? She's going to need to dress it up a little. Or did the bum kill your sister and steal her shoes, just so he could get close to you in the toilet? That would be so romantic, uber-creepy, but romantic, nevertheless!