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By iwearsilkgownstoeatwaffles - 12/08/2013 14:30 - United States - Mabank

Today, my 26-year-old boyfriend came to my apartment to spend the night for the first time. He brought a "blankie" that he insisted was the only thing that could help him sleep. That "blankie" was his ex-girlfriend's silk nightgown. FML
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Sounds to me like he's not over her.

CallMeWindSock 24

Well give him a reason to get rid of it!


CallMeWindSock 24

Well give him a reason to get rid of it!

You can force a horse to the river, but you can't force it to drink... OP could give him a reason to give it up, but if he's actually carrying it around then he's not ready to be spending the night with her or any other female for that matter...

Or.. The nightgown-blankie could "mysteriously" vanish O.o

I can think of 2 right off the bat. 1. They broke up! 2. He has a new girl

Screw that get a new boyfriend with no blankie. One who doesn't have baggage.

nurchok 15

Or just convince him to use YOUR silk nightgown "blankie" :)

Give him a reason to get rid of it? She wanted to spend the night with him. If he's too attached to his ex still, she should be finding another boyfriend.

Sounds to me like he's not over her.

Damian95 16

Or he's seven years old.

If he sleeps with a blankie, he's too young for you bro. :)

Hell no she better get rid of that "blanket"

JE553 9

Or this is the beginning of the overly obsessed boyfriend

I totally agree with you on that... Clinging onto a silk nightgown for his dear life... Smdh

Tell him he can have yours? I'm not sure what to do in this kind of situation :/

You make him leave, that's what you do in that kind of situation.

Lmao, I love OP's name.

I think the main issue is not that he's still in love with his ex but actually that he kept her nightgown and cuddles with it

1PersonIsMyWorld 22

That is kind of obsessive behavior. I'd be cautious op.

What's next, using OP's panties for hankies after they break up?

captainObviously 15

I also think your point is very obvious! Good comment! Well put rangers fan!

deepunder 17


I've heard silk nightgowns make awesome cleaning rags.

Well, at least it wasn't a teddy bear.

But if it was a bear like Ted it would be one hundred times better than . . . well, than anything.

I think a teddy bear would've been better? than something that belonged to an ex?

I think OP would prefer it was a teddy long as it wasn't his ex girlfriend's!

Yes, actually I'm now thinking the same..

An I the only one who read both of 27's lines with a real questioning tone?

thrAsHeRr9081 16

Well, there are question marks?

I think he has a few issues if he needs that to sleep. Hopefully he realises you're the priority OP!

That's awkward, OP. You should ask about it, he might still have feelings for her...that wouldn't be good.

olpally 32

Burn it. That's fucked up.