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should have high fived her again after slapping her.

Hey, we've all been there, OP. The number of turning cyclists I've ran into the street to high five is in the dozens.


I hope you get fired

Should of had a V8

Should've* - The Grammar Nazi

non-native-speaker here: what does V8 mean?

It's the name of a vegetable juice drink. The slogan is "should've had a V8". Hope that helps :)

And when they say the slogan, someone usually gets lightly smacked on the forehead, hence the joke

#25 Should of had is correct but it sounds better as a conjunction

42, I'm not one to correct people's grammar on the internet usually, but it's should HAVE, contracted as should've. Not should of. Should've sounds the same as should of, but it's not the same.

either way works

how does that even happen

You miss their hand and hit their face with your hand.

he said a badly misjudged hand signal tho? does he just have bad depth perception

#12 What I think happened was the boss maybe raised their hand as a greeting and the OP mistook it as a calling for a high five. This then led to an awkward slap in the face. Then maybe silence....

Then a "you'll be hearing from my lawyer" was most likely muttered.

At least she knows it wasn't intentional.

How are you so sure?

Duh! Because #4 is the boss...

#4 is a woman?!

should have high fived her again after slapping her.

What's the chance of it happening twice in a row?

Guess it is time to face the consequences. hopefully he or she understands it was a mistake.

I'll have to use that excuse. No, really I was only trying to give you a high five sir.

oh. I uh hope you didn't have any aekward moments after that, OP! if so, try to apologise and do something that adds up to it. Good luck!

Hopefully your boss is nice and understands! Sorry OP

oh that's hilarious