Unfinished Somniloquy

By Anonymous - 24/10/2010 23:17 - United States

Today, I was in lying in bed with my boyfriend while he was asleep. He is going to school to be a doctor, and it appears that he says anatomical terms while asleep. My boyfriend can make me feel stupid in his sleep. FML
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Your boyfriend sounds like a cutie pie!


He's going to get a good education, I don't see why she's braggin' She'll be rich soon.

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look on the bright side, you'll probably break up before the end of residency.

rallets 22

"ZZZzzz leg bone connected to the... ZZZzzzZZZzzz"

confusdsincbirth 5

22, while what you are saying is tre, your first point isnt neccessary since you aren't planning on marrying him.

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LOL XD.........she shouldn't be so upset.....at least she's dating a guy that's doing something with his life.

kram02 2

shouldve studied in college too...

megamandude455 10

op couldve had a V8 *slaps forehead*

dude, the fact that she didn't know those terms doesn't make her an uneducated person. Not everyone goed to med school, you know.

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You didn't go to school at all xD "goed" lol you made me laugh... thanks

I used to "goed" places..then I graduated 3rd grade

kittytub 12

Seriously people? "Goed" was an obvious typo. S and D are right next to each other. Get over yourselves.

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Most definitely...enjoy it an hope he graduates and makes serious bank. Hes smart and rich...your a lucky girl.

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Your boyfriend sounds like a cutie pie!

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agree maybe he can teach u while he sleeps

shes not uneducated - she just didnt study medicine.

why do you assume she's uneducated? she most likely is just not in something as advanced as anatomy

Never too* late... Take your own advice and learn English. Thanks

she's a woman... of course she's uneducated! (betting I get 50+ down votes)

BoyFromTheFuture 0

what kind of dreams is this dude having and what kind of anatomical terms is he spitting out?

mangoboy1 19

When I hear anatomical terms I think penis and ******.

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You wrote: "I was in laying in bed" and "My boyfriend can make me feel stupid in his sleep." Hmmmm. It doesn't seem that hard.

Bee_fml 2

Corrected the first part. Thanks. However, I see nothing wrong with the last sentence.

It's not the grammar of the last sentence, it's what was said. Although, I don't think that makes her stupid. Anyone could gave made that mistake.

There isnt anything wrong with the last sentence. The last one she said she feels stupid. Now dont you feel stupid for making this comment.

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. - Eleanor Roosevelt Stop letting that make you feel bad. You're being silly if you think the fact that he knows the latin names for things actually makes you a lesser person.

Dang, beat me to the Eleanor Roosevelt quote.

Greek. Not Latin. Medical terms are mostly derived from Greek root words.

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Are you implying that he makes you feel stupid when you're awake? Does he know that he does this?

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FFML_314 11

So morons like you can ask me that very question.

no, you make you look stupid by not proof reading your post before posting!

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Haha, the irony in this comment.

knibbsy 4

Iron is the key word in irony. A curling iron? A soldering iron? A nine iron? I'm confused, please help. ~Baby don't hurt me, don't hurt me, no more~

You know what, don't be such a dick! People f**k up their words. I'm sure you have to. Show some respect for f^ck sakes.