By j - 04/06/2009 03:36 - Australia

Today, I rode my bike to the grocery store. I left my bike on the small bike rack they have outside the door. When I came out 5 minutes later I found someone had tied their enormous, growling German Shepard to the same rack. I had to wait for the owner to come out who then laughed at me. FML
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German Shepherds are beautiful and sweet if trained correctly. Clearly this one wasn't

You gotta admit that it's funny :P


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you shoulda groweld back at the dog

Nice rack, Kellie. ;)

149- you look like a 12 year old boy, I'm sure she doesn't want you

You gotta admit that it's funny :P

Not really an FML, but it does suck :P

If it sucks, how is it not an FML?? This place is all about sucky lives.

If you had gotten injured or dropped your groceries it would have been more of an FYL.

what if op had a meeting to attend? I believe this is an FML, like all others.

LOL aww it could have been a mean dog. You didn't know

Wow puss much? Hes tied up...

beside his bike

Maybe u shud watch sum ceaser Milan

@ #6, doesn't really count if you're in range, now does it? Poor you. At least it wasn't raining right? ;)

#6-Yeah, asshat, tied up to the same fucking bike rack. You go unlock your bike from a rack with a snarling dog. ESPECIALLY a german shephard. Those fuckers bite, and they don't care that you just want your bike back.

6 is a bitch, fuck him

Do you have a phobia or something? Dogs generally don't attack people out of nowhere, so you shouldn't have had a problem getting your bike out of the rack.