By j - 04/06/2009 03:36 - Australia

Today, I rode my bike to the grocery store. I left my bike on the small bike rack they have outside the door. When I came out 5 minutes later I found someone had tied their enormous, growling German Shepard to the same rack. I had to wait for the owner to come out who then laughed at me. FML
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German Shepherds are beautiful and sweet if trained correctly. Clearly this one wasn't


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you shoulda groweld back at the dog

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149- you look like a 12 year old boy, I'm sure she doesn't want you

Not really an FML, but it does suck :P

If it sucks, how is it not an FML?? This place is all about sucky lives.

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If you had gotten injured or dropped your groceries it would have been more of an FYL.

what if op had a meeting to attend? I believe this is an FML, like all others.

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LOL aww it could have been a mean dog. You didn't know

Maybe u shud watch sum ceaser Milan

@ #6, doesn't really count if you're in range, now does it? Poor you. At least it wasn't raining right? ;)

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#6-Yeah, asshat, tied up to the same ******* bike rack. You go unlock your bike from a rack with a snarling dog. ESPECIALLY a german shephard. Those ******* bite, and they don't care that you just want your bike back.

Do you have a phobia or something? Dogs generally don't attack people out of nowhere, so you shouldn't have had a problem getting your bike out of the rack.