Uggos R us

By british_babe - 05/10/2013 17:51 - United Kingdom - London

Today, I was reminded that while I have a nice waist, bum and boobs, I'm unspeakably ugly. I was walking down the street when a guy wolf-whistled from behind me, and when I turned around, he visibly recoiled in disgust. FML
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Maybe you just weren't his type? Who cares what he thinks anyway OP!


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I'm sorry OP . People need to learn that looks fade and if looks are all that a person has then they are going to be in sad shape later. I'm a bum and boob guy so you would be a 10 to me :)

Seriously? No offence to OP, but being a bum and boob guy, you would rate a woman 10 for a nice waist, bum and boobs even if she has maggots crawling in her hair? I mean, that's love at first sight for you?

Just so you know, OP, you don't have to look "hot" to be a beautiful person.

Most of the time this happens in my opinion because a girl wears so much makeup she looks fake..

#14 you need to ALSO realize looks NEVER happen for some. Stop with your illogical logic.

permanent paper baggin solves this one!

Maybe you just weren't his type? Who cares what he thinks anyway OP!

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Be thankful you have three out of four! And with a good personality, your options would be nearly endless with today's male population.

Agreed, all he needs is a paper bag and she would be a 10/10 for him.

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Hey 3 out of 4 is pretty good these days

Nothing wrong with a brown bag special, ugly guys need love too.

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it's okay... ill just look at OP neck down ;)

Implying it's a good thing to impress sexist strangers with your appearance (which you don't choose anyway).

So what if you aren't pretty, OP? If yoy're resigning to that idea, then don'r let yourself get upset over it anymore. Physical appearance does. not. matter. In fact, not being a bombshell can help you sort out the people who only judge on looks.

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I'm so sorry op :( you should like grab him and like make out with him so you can show him you can be wild and show him what he's missing out on.

She said she had a nice bum and boobs. Miley Cyrus has neither

You don't have to be pretty to be beautiful.

But id always go gor a girl with a really beautiful face over a girl with bigger boobs and butt with a meh face. Id recommend op maybe find a hairstyle that compliments her face, people really underestimate how much the hair can change your looks.

#73 so true, a pretty face goes a looong way. Add that to a good personality and a healthy lifestyle (take care of yourself) and you can reach for the skies. Stay smiling and stay fresh and your waist, bum or boobsize doesn't matter.

So the face.... Something that is extremely malleable with makeup. Wins out over a rocking body?!? A body takes work and dedication a face is either born or painted on. That and girls with great bodies usually know how to use them very well. Girls only cute in the face tend to be.... Dead fish.

I assume everybody here that says "looks don't matter" is dating a complete troll right? Looks do matter. It's not everything (so just hold on to down vote). But yeah a physical attraction is necessary. You could have the greatest personality ever, but if your partner doesn't want to look at you, you're still screwed. A great personality can overcome a few ugly physical traits, but if you look like complete dog shit on the outside people assume you don't care about yourself.

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I'm sure you'll find someone out there who appreciates you for you, and not your boobs, or body OP

all ya need is a paper bag. and then you're suitable for anyone.

I think that most people would like to see what is underneath the paper bag.

Indeed, #25. I would prefer looking the girl in the eyes. But hey, there's also doggystyle.

86- I will name you Pot. Pot meet Kettle (aka 5). :-)

Why is 86 being down voted? I thought that was a pretty valid statement.

well. my comment in no way reflects my actual opinion. I genuinely felt bad for OP. I just figured that was the standard joke for butherface's. not saying It was a good comment. nor am I arguing the thumbs down. I made a bad joke. it happens. I just dont want anyone leaving thinking im so much of an asshole that I actually meant that.

Don't be discouraged, OP. Walk with confidence in yourself. Nothing is sexier than confidence. Don't go cocky. Just be confident in yourself. You'll be alright

Palirose, your comment must be the best piece of advice on FML.

Lmfao, I'm sorry. But look at the positive side. You'll spot on the ones that just want you for your body and not personality :D

Screw him. Another guy will come who will wolf whistle both sides of you.

I don't know any female that enjoys getting wolf whistled at. A simple smile and "hello" would go a long way vs being treated like an object.

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#18 - Agreed! I don't mind my husband being playful and wolf whistling at me when we are at home and having fun together. Or when he sees me in a new dress for the first time. But I absolutely cannot stand it when random guys wolf whistle at me on the street. I am not a dog. So do not whistle at me like I am.

As long as you stick to doggy style, you'll keep your partner happy!