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  Kaylana_fml  |  31

I sincerely doubt anyone can accurately profile a person for the very specific characteristic of "looks like he may urinate on furniture and/or electronics, better not invite this one over. "

  xxmollyxx  |  25

I had three friends sleep over at my house once and we woke up to a pile of shit on one of the chairs in the kitchen, so these things do happen, unfortunately! Don't know which one of them it was though.

By  ycgfy  |  3

Wow that's awful. I'm a hypocrite for saying that because I've done something similar while drunk one night. I got out of bed and pissed on my (now ex) girlfriend's mirror with her makeup stacked at the bottom. She woke up and freaked out while she said my eyes were closed with a goofy smile. I then laid back down and went back to sleep while she angrily cleaned up the mess. We didn't last much longer after that.

By  The_Voytek_Bear  |  14

If you don't keep such important documents in a folder synced with OneDrive or other cloud storage, you fully deserve it. And you might actually choose better the guys you sleep with next time.