By Anonymous - 02/02/2016 10:17 - Canada - Cambridge

Today, I was at the gym. I'm 360 lbs and have finally decided it's time to change that. Some girl and her two bitch friends thought it'd be fun to follow me and belittle me at everything I did. When I mentioned it to the staff, they said that they were just "encouraging" me. FML
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They have problems that hitting the gym won't fix. Hang in there, OP.


OP please don't give up with your weight loss because of assholes like that. I used to be in your boat and I still kind of am, stay strong!

Been in the same boat, only with guys... and about 100 lbs less, but thats not the point. Anyways, just shut them up by eventually outlifting the strongest guy there.

Honestly, i dont think they'd do that if they were alone just want their friends to think their funny

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Bitch slap for her and her bitch friends!

I like the backhand idea... Make sure you put your full weight behind it. One last time before you get skinny OP.

They have problems that hitting the gym won't fix. Hang in there, OP.

Hmm.. Probably hitting them with those little dumbbells might help i guess.

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Not everyone chooses their weight sometimes it's medical.

Like #3 said, don't give up because of those sad excuses for human beings. If nothing can be done about the girls, you don't have to put up with that crap! Make small lifestyle changes as you are ready for them (having one less portion of food here, making a healthy diet substitution there, drinking more water, going on walks, etc.), and excess fat will drop away. And although you obviously aren't pleased with the extra weight you've been carrying around, I'll bet you have some very impressive musculature because of it, and it's just waiting to be revealed :) Then, if you so chose, you could go back to that gym and ideally make those idiots feel humiliated for discouraging your efforts in the first place... though we all know that such peoples' character flaws prevent them from recognizing when they're in the wrong, most of the time. Good luck on your journey, OP, and stick with it!

@90 Trust me, I know. I am one of those people. I didn't think I would have to specify "as long as you don't have a medical condition preventing you from losing weight". Usually in these types of fmls it is said there is a reason like that for being overweight, and there wasn't in this one.

It is said *IF* there is a reason like that. Also, I didn't refer to it as a problem because I think they have a problem and that's the only possible way they could be overweight. I referred to it as a problem because that's what #3 referred to it as, and I was just doing the same.

Tripartita, I think this is the first serious comment I've ever seen you post...

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Those little bitches were just jealous that you could change your "flaw" and they can't change their horrible souls. You keep on it, OP!!! Much luck!!!

It's a shame that thin people make fun of fat people, and then when fat people try to exercise and improve their health, those same people laugh at their efforts. And then those SAME people come BACK and blame the person's weight on their lack of effort! It's a vicious cycle.

What a bunch of bitches, hang in there op! We all believe you can do it!

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You can do it, OP! :) No amount of exercise will fix their flaw: a shit personality.

Some people just find fun in being mean like that. Congrats to you for going to the gym in order to live a healthier life. As Miranda Sings says, "HATERS BACK OFF"

I'm proud of you for your dedication to getting into shape, OP. Keep it up, and when you've got big muscles, you can punch them.

Screw them. at least you're making the effort to change yourself. Don't let those dumb bitches derail you.

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Kill them. Or at least hit them with a dumbbell. ;)