By SorrowsReward - 06/05/2016 11:08 - South Africa - Cape Town

Today, I was so exhausted that I took a quick nap on the floor of my classroom during one of my free periods. I must have turned off the alarm I set, because I was gently woken up to the giggles of a whole class of students. To make matters worse, I was lying in a big puddle of my own drool. FML
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hey FML legends! OP here. It's true. I fell asleep on my classroom floor... It's a beautiful classroom (which I keep very clean #26) and there are three steps going up onto a carpeted platform which was the scene of this particular crime... It wasn't a particularly comfortable nap, but I hardly noticed at the time. And it certainly was worth it - even considering the slightly-above-average levels of embarrassment I endured for it - I was so tired I was in that state that everything was funny except for my actual existence, which isn't exactly the best mindset to be mounding young minds from... I really should stop burning the candle from both ends! It's an all-girls school, and word spread pretty quickly... but luckily for me I was already regarded as the eccentric music teacher, so sleeping in my empty classroom during a free period is pretty tame in comparison to the things they probably expect from me ?

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On one hand, I'm wondering why you slept on the floor, but on the other, the very idea of a clean, cool floor in an empty classroom, is making me feel sleepy. It's late. I'm tired.

That was one great nap though right?


then where would she nap then? on a desk??

#10, a desk does sound more practical than the floor. At least to me, it does. That is, I mean resting their head on a desk, while sitting in a chair. That's how I napped during class.

Taking wet dream to a whole other level

Having an actual wet dream would've been a lot worse.

On one hand, I'm wondering why you slept on the floor, but on the other, the very idea of a clean, cool floor in an empty classroom, is making me feel sleepy. It's late. I'm tired.

Do take note of the location: South Africa.

#6, I'm not sure what that has to do with anything.

South Africa is actually pretty well developed...

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I'm pretty sure he was trying to make a joke about how it's Africa and because of that everything they do is weird and/or primitive. It was a dumb joke.

Please, we all know that school floors are full of saliva, dirt, and literal shit particles. I wouldn't dare touch the floors with anything that's not my shoes.

That was one great nap though right?

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Are you a teacher or student ?

I'm assuming teacher, since they said "my classroom"...

I could never get comfortable enough to fall asleep in a classroom. I'm always paranoid that I'm going to do something embarrassing in my sleep. Like talk, twitch, snore, or God forbid.... toot.

"No. Mom. I don't want to go to school." *runs like dogs do in sleep*

Been there. Done that. Except the teacher was the one who called me out...

Your lucky I have a prankster side. I would've drawn on your face, oh I wanna know how you slept threw the school bell.

Maybe you need to go back to school if you can't get THROUGH a sentence spelling basic words right

Better to awaken in a puddle of drool than a puddle of urine. Your choice to use puddle makes me curious. Personally I've always Felt that to qualify as a puddle a body of water ( or other liquid) must meet at least one of the following criteria - A) large enough for a small child to splash in. B) big enough to accommodate at least two ducklings. C) thoroughly soak an adult foot through the shoe to the sock

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Maybe there were ducks splashing in op's drool, that's why the kids were giggling...