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Today, I was at a swim meet. I asked my friend if he could be my wingman and help me get a date with a girl I really liked. I told him my plan, and as I finished and turned to go to her, I noticed her standing right there, listening in on the whole conversation. FML
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Could be she got it as a kind of flirting?

I personally would of found it to be kind of cute

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yeah! OP, if the girl likes you too, she probably thought it was cute!

Why do people do this? Stop it. It sounds very retarded to say of instead of have. And it's not like two more letters are gonna kill you..

73 - The word, "gonna", is a grammatical contraction. Using, "of", instead of, "have", is a complete misuse and incorrect form of the word, "of". The word "of", does not mean the same as, "have". Don't correct someone if you don't know the rules of grammar.

#73 People say "would've" and assume it's written out as "would of", but technically "would have" IS the correct grammar.

You think grammar is a motherfucking game.

It is a game, and you lost. I am one of the many people who agree that this needs a follow-up.

assuming it was respectably decent and not a plan to fake-save her life or anything.

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lol. this either worked out really well or really badly

I mean, if I were the girl, I wouldn't be mad. It's sweet that he put the effort into it, although it sucks that it didn't go as planned.

Depends. As long as he wasn't like-- "Yo, yo, yo! Help me hook up with this ho!" (I actually know a guy that talks like this. He's single)

#21: He'd be awesome at Santa's Workshop.

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#6, and where would a three-way rate on your scale?

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This made me crack up haha. xD

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I am assuming she wasn't interested, otherwise this wouldn't have been an FML. Better luck next time.

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No it's an fml because she overheard him

Yeah, but if she overheard and said yes, it would probably be a My Life Is Awesome.

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But we don't know that, cliffhangers!

Well its kind of easier now that she already knows.

At least now she knows you like her? I hope the OP follows up on this, I'm curious as to how it turned out