By BeautifulChaos27 - 17/09/2013 23:56 - United States - Granby

Today, I realized I pay $160/month to get two texts a day. One from my bank telling me how much I have, one for my credit card telling me how much I owe. FML
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Okay, first off, I am a women. As for the fml, I was complaining that I pay such a high price to get those two texts a day and the occasional phone call from my employer to cover a shift. Expensive paper weight is what it is and I'm stuck in a contract. With the debate on price, yes, very expensive. I get unlimited text as well as calling (god knows what for), and 1 gig of data which I never use up since I'm almost always in wifi. I do in fact have somebody on my plan with me but that only adds another 10 dollars a month to my bill. There's also insurance on both phones, considering they are smart phones and I'm a bit of a klutz. I know I could always shop around with other phone competitors but living where I do if you so much as want service in your home you have little choice. Any more questions? :P

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Cancel the texts and instead use that 160 to of that which you owe, or start to at least.

... Why the **** are you paying that much on a phone bill?


Cancel the texts and instead use that 160 to of that which you owe, or start to at least.

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Hey OP just get an Obama phone then someone else pays the bill. Then take that money and put it towards your credit card bill

... Why the **** are you paying that much on a phone bill?

2, I agree the price seems outrageous. If OP lives in a rural area, usually plans are more expensive. Let's say OP got an unlimited everything plan for $99.99, $14.99 for phone insurance, $20 for the internet on a smart phone, and the rest would be state taxes. You'd be surprise how quickly it adds up. I think that it is extremely expensive but there are always extra fees for a cell plan.

That's a bit ridiculous. Where I live, our family plan cost $180 with everyone owning smart phones... Our individual plan that our provider has: $60 unlimited everything, $10 smartphone internet and then warantee is $10-30 depending what kind and for how long you want the warantee.

America all seems a bit pricey to me - I pay £22 (c. $30?) a month for unlimited texts + internet, 600 minutes and insurance for my smartphone, and I definitely live in a rural area. I use a Samsung not an iPhone though which I guess explains some of the price difference..

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Some companies allow you to pay for your phone in installments through your bill. Maybe that's some of the cost?

I pay £20 a month for my galaxy s3 with 1gb Internet, 5000 texts, 500 minutes and 5000 minutes to anyone on the same network. I've never gone over. It really is expensive in America.

I'm in Canada, which has notoriously expensive cell services, and even then I spend $55 for unlimited talk across Canada, unlimited text anywhere in the world, 1gig of data, visual voicemail, call display, call waiting, and I pay $5/500mb if I go over my Internet (which doesn't happen often). This sounds crazy expensive. And not being able to afford it means it's time to trim the plan down to nothing, or get a pay-as-you-go.

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I agree, I have the iPhone on AT&T and I pay $90 a month for unlimited everything.

I pay £40 a month for 2gb data, unlimited texts and 600 minutes for my iPhone... I thought that was expensive.

What plan are you on and with who? I want a plan like that!

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He's not unable to afford it. He was just saying he pays all that money but no one ever texts him.

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But I can see how his bill can be that high. With Sprint my bill was at least $120 a month with unlimited everything

At least they care about you... Or maybe just your money Op. Good luck!

Don't use text notifications...I have unlimited but still prefer email...

There is no reason for you to ever be spending that much. Not even having unlimited everything costs that much. Do away with the unlimited texts and perhaps get rid of the internet off your phone since it's not that great anyway and adds a lot of extra money to your bill.

I agree... Who would spend that much on a phone each month?!

Yeah, adulthood! Also check with your provider about your rates, hot damn.