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Today, I was breast feeding my son. Out of nowhere, he bit my nipple hard, causing me to scream in pain. He giggled with my nipple still between his teeth. FML
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OP here. I can't believe this got posted before I went to bed! Hahaha! For some reason this got edited out, but he ended up smacking me in the face after he bit me. He's 9 months old so he thinks it's hilarious obviously. And I'm not sure why it didn't show my name, I posted it while logged in. And as for the person who said time for bottle feeding, he won't take a bottle, which is fine with me! He's teething so he tends to bite more when he is. Glad to know my son has made people laugh :)

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yoursucklives 36


yoursucklives 36

or might be a sign that hes getting too old for the boob. You don't want to stop before he's ready but you also don't want to be "that mom" thats still breastfeeding when the kids old enough to ask for it! Most women stop when the teeth come in, mostly because he is old enough to get his own vaccinations and he has gotten all the good out of breast milk he's going to get. But hey you're the one getting chomped on

It's funny that #1 is in a way calling OP satan

@11 totally not true at all. My son has had teeth since 4 months, that does not mean he needs to stop breastfeeding. He has 6 teeth now and I plan on letting him self wean, I'd like to stop by the time he's 2, but I'm not gonna force him to give it up when he isn't ready. As for vaccines don't get me started lol.

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#11 firstly, to state that "most women" stop when teeth come in I assume you have conducted your own research into the average time and reason mothers choose to stop..? or more likely you are saying most because thats your opinion and you like to believe it is correct. secondly, breastmilk changes composition as the child grows to suit its needs and there is no known point at which its not beneficial. the american academy of pediatrics actually recommends extended breastfeeding (after 1year) for as long as mom and baby wish. thirdly, your opinion on being "that mom" is the exact type of judgemental attitude which scares mothers off breastfeeding. and lastly, a man made medically produced vaccine is no comparison to the natural form of heightened immune system breastfeeding offers so being vaccined is totally unrelated to the right time to stop breastfeeding. not all mothers choose/can breastfeed and that is perfectly ok, i wasnt able to and my girl is fine, but Im certain your judgemental view would have been a horrible thing to hear if I had been. maybe look into things next time before you judge others.

to respond to your comments about breastfeeding after a year there are no known benefits to breastfeeding after a year a mothers milk changes after a year and dosent have the nutrients it had breastfeeding after a year is Purely dependent on mother and child, I stopped at 8months due to my son biting me and 80% of my breastfeeding support group stopped befor the age of one due to teeth im very upset the way American breastfeeding mothers have to shove it everyones face whereas in the uk its the norm and you do not get judged for stopping feeding when you want to

Do some actual research before commenting. It's noones place to suggest she stop just as it's no ones place to point fingers at a bottle feeding momma. As long as baby is happy and fed and getting love, there should be nothing said

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@11 that's not true. But I will not breastfeed my baby after a year. I'm sorry but there is a point when it's creepy, haven't you ever seen Grown Ups?

Noor, brushing before breakfast is horrid! It makes orange juice taste disgusting.

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Wow.#11 way to rain on #1's parade

That is like wiping your butt before you take a dump

I agree with #51. Or, don't drink Orange juice. but that destroys the breakfast tradition...

this was supposed to be a reply to someone's comment about brushing their teeth before breakfast. Sorry

You should do it after breakfast, IMO. Ruins the taste. Then again, if you're trying to lose weight and you tend to eat too much breakfast, maybe it's a good thing.

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OP, I assume your profile picture is the culprit? Cute picture.

#122 yes my profile picture is of him. :) thank you, he's his dads clone lol he looks nothing like me!

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Actually, WHO now recommends breastfeeding until the chills is 2 or longer, if it is mutually desired. Breast milk NEVER loses any of its nutritional value. Kudos to you OP for wanting to self wean. I plan to do the same. We've made it a year so far.

@45 It only gets to a point where it's "creepy" when people think about it like that. There's nothing creepy about breast feeding, it's perfectly natural. To feed is a natural function of breasts. I know people tend to see them as sexual objects, but they're not in the context of breast feeding. To have trouble differentiating that is a sign of immaturity. OP, I can't say I feel your pain (thankfully) but I heard my mom complain many times because of the same thing with my siblings. It's hard to teach a baby that age not to do something, but good luck! Enjoy your baby :)

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#11 babies get vaccinated at birth, 3 months, and I think again at 6 and 9 months too (its been a while) but they gets vaccines before teeth.. also some infants can be born with a few teeth or start as early as 2-3 months. every child is different.

ok let me be clear here, I wasnt saying you need to stop, I said it "might" be a sign that you should, after all, you were the one complaining about it to the world. I never once said anything bad about breast feeding to those of you who jumped on my back and I didnt judge. My own lactation specialist was the one who said most moms stop about then when I had my first child. And yes since I have had children I do know a bit, I am no expert but who is on FML right? I did notice that anyone who said anything along the same lines as me got voted down just because we didnt automatically jump to poor mommas aid. I believe that this is just one of the hard things about giving of yourself to your child but its totally worth it. I am not saying I don't bitch to my husband when my nipples crack and bleed and she is still biting me, but I don't blast it to the world and get pissed when someone offers advice other than ass kissing and poor you comments. OP, if you don't believe its time to stop, great, its your kid, I never said you should. I just offered some advice that worked for me and for others. I do think 2 is way too old and a little icky (not breastfeeding in general, just after hes old enough to ask, like another poster said, haven't you seen grown ups?) As a mother you are supposed to know when to say no and what's best for him, hes your kid to raise as you see fit. Just don't be surprised and bitchy when people think differently than you do.

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My wife is waiting for me to self wean also.

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#170 the only person getting bitchy is you. OP explained the situation she was in. This place is meant for people to post things like this. Not for the purpose of sympathy but for the purpose of sharing. Everyone that is posting comments similar to yours are getting downraved because they are ignorant posts from people that don't even have children or are not educated on anything about children. Your comment just shows how hypocritical you are by getting angry that OP and other people don't agree with you.

#170 might wanna remove that stick from your ass. You gave poor "advice" as well as others who said "you shouldn't be breast feeding if he has teeth" seriously? What kind of advice is that? Terrible advice. And I don't need yours or anybody else's "sympathy" since you think that's why I posted this fml. I posted it because I found it funny and painful at the same time and didn't expect it to get posted. And I don't see anyone saying "poor you" actually, and if they did who cares? You're taking this fml way too seriously. And good for you that you think breast feeding is icky at two years old, that's why he's my child and not yours. Seriously, you're gonna use a movie as an example? That scene made long term breast feeders look disgusting, so way to use such a judgmental scene to describe mothers who want to give their child the best. And it looks like the only one who was bitchy was you, I'm sorry that people totally disagreed with your post and down voted all the dumbass judge mental/untrue comments. Maybe take your own advice and don't be "surprised and bitchy" when people don't agree with you. ;-)

@OP. I feel your pain. My 13 months old constantly bites me. He asks for it through actions. I am practicing BLW. To the uneducated people, breastmilk never loses its nutrition. It changes according to the child's needs. You can ask for water, you don't need it. Find something else.

wow OP you really crack me up, for the 3rd time (since you missed it the first 2 times) I never said you should stop. Again I never said you should stop. There thats 4, maybe you will catch on. What I did say was Maybe it was a sign, how is that wrong?? babies that are ready to stop give signs, just because it didn't apply to you does not make it bad advice. In my original post I was trying to give an alternative to the first person who called your child demon spawn. I love how my thinking that there was a real life issue you might want others thoughts on was so much worse than the person poking fun at you. Glad you have your priorities set. As for me being upset, I am not upset, its FML, this does not affect my personal life. I am a little concerned that you think it's ok to piss all over other peoples thinking and call us judgmental when you are doing the same thing. To each their own, any mother willing to breastfeed is a good mother regardless of how long it lasts. with my 2nd I had medical issues that forced me to stop but was fine with the others and stopped when they starting showing signs that they were ready. I didnt force them to go longer out, be it for my personal wants or because some book/study told me I should. My children knew when it was time. I am not saying I am better, I was just taught by my lactation consultant to notice the signs, and we had easy transitions. No muss no fuss. That is why I believe that the majority (leaving room for minorities) of the time its the mother's pushing the kids to go longer and ignoring the signs that the kid is ready to go on regular food and drink. A kid that is coddled and babied is going to have issues. Try to remember that when you are done with him the rest of us have to deal with him. We have enough mommas boys out there already. Now that bit was just ranting, no real studies have been done to prove that mommas boys never letting go has to do with momma not letting go but it follows. Now like I said this is not all 100% of cases, there is room for individuals and their own stories but your not going to see it that way, you will take this as an attack on you and your values but whatever. You opened yourself up for judgment and unwanted advice when you posted so get over it.

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#203 are you joking? im finding it very hard to believe you've ever breastfed or have children if you believe firstly that biting is a sign of being done feeding, it is a natural phase of development children go through which is related to physical emotional and intellectual development, Im doing a degree in early childhood development and while I am no expert, as a mother and a student I am well aware all children bite all sorts of things to vent frustration/sensory development etc. and secondly how ob earth you believe theres a chance op or any parent could be pushing her child to breastfeed for longer than they want is beyond me, have you ever managed to force a young child to do something they didnt want to do? if so you may have a best seller on your hands cuz im sure every mother having sleepless nights with babies who just dont wana sleep, tantrum throwing toddlers who dont want to eat their greens would be buying that book.. read over your comments and see hoq judgemental you are. I saw no one say poor you to op, i did see people quote reputable sources.. in fact the only ill informed rude not factual comments I saw were yours. grow up and stop turning an fml into an "im going to push my thought on you and judge you and call it advice" blog.

#209 said it perfectly, thank you! :) I would write something long back but I'm busy BREAST FEEDING my child, hope that doesn't bother you! ;)

you're busy ready every single comment anyone has posted lmao!! you must have no friends and no life cause I took a look at see if it was just mine you were bitching at and you seem to be commenting on so many links the only think I can think if you add that to the way you attacked me is that you are insecure and lonely. And to who ever said I must not have kids, that's laughable! I have 3, I give them love and support but don't baby them or put up with bullshit. Yes kids like everyone have bad days but that doesn't mean we need to allow bad behavior. And yes, (for the 5th time) biting can be a sign that they are ready to be fully on regular food and drink, and I was not the only one to post that. You just have to actually pay attention to their feeding habits, their reactions to food and their stool.

Yet another reason why I do not want children.

This only lasts for a little while, though. Certainly not a deciding factor, I would think.

Was thinking more of the long term effects on the child from my sexual gratification from it. ;-)

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Um Wtf. I'm sure you were joking (at least I hope you were) but that's definitely not a thing to joke about.

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having kids isn't for everyone. I didn't want kids until I got pregnant, and now in the happiest person alive with my bundle of joy!

**** the downvotes 5, I'm with you. Biting nipples, stinky diapers, piss fountains while changing (witnessed that one once. traumatic.). Babies are cute, but the best thing about them is giving them back to their parents. To OP, sorry to hear about your nipples. Enjoy his cute years while they last.

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Seriously! Although OP may want to nip this in the bud before her kid thinks it's ok.

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Nothing is cute about a baby basically biting off op's nipple. Ouch! FYL op!


OP here. I can't believe this got posted before I went to bed! Hahaha! For some reason this got edited out, but he ended up smacking me in the face after he bit me. He's 9 months old so he thinks it's hilarious obviously. And I'm not sure why it didn't show my name, I posted it while logged in. And as for the person who said time for bottle feeding, he won't take a bottle, which is fine with me! He's teething so he tends to bite more when he is. Glad to know my son has made people laugh :)

It probably hasn't shown, because you are listed as anonymous :3

I just fixed that! Thank you :) didn't even notice that haha

actually I couldn't help thinking how cute he looked while giggling sorry for the bite though op

The biggest thing is not to react and then unlatch him. Babies who are older tend to nurse when they want attention and if he is not getting milk fast enough or is done and you have not noticed his lack of suckling he will bite. That's what my Breastfeeding consultant told me when my daughter started to bite at six months, she is 13 months now and the only biting I have recieved since the first two times is when she nurses to sleep and then chomps her mouth shut while asleep. Crying out in pain is entertaining to them, you just have to make it less fun.

I was told I bit ny kon twice. Tge first time I did it she scolded me and left it there then a few minutes later I did it again and she slapped me. Never again... :/

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I tell my baby "ahh!! no biting!" she does stop! I'd like to think they understand when you tell them it's not cool! I feel your nipple pain, OP! good luck!!! Earth Momma Nipple Butter helps! but if you have a dog, keep it in a place it can't get it... apparently it's delicious. my babe is 3 1/2 months

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One of mine bit me when startled by a barking dog. That damaged the duct and it got infected. So, the milk was bad on that side and made them colicky. I was lopsided and in pain since pumping didn't work for me. I ended up stopping sooner than planned.

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when I was a baby I bit my mum's nipples to point they were bleeding.... I was a greedy baby. beeswax is supposed to be very soothing. good luck OP!

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9 months... well the stop the only vital time to breastfeed is the first 6 weeks. In all honesty this is now your fault.

#125 are you serious? 6 weeks huh. So then I guess I should of started giving him baby food then and no breast milk. Your comment has to be the dumbest one I've seen on here so far. Please do your research, and I pray to god you don't have kids already.

Don't breastfeeding him, then you will see he change his mind

I'm not in agreeance with #125 BUT I was on solids as a child at 6 weeks! Baby food and the odd formula as milk did not fill me up and I was constantly eating!! So it can depend on the kid!

#136 yes I know some babies are put on solids early. But there is research that says 6 months is when you should start solids, not 4 months like back in the day. I was started at 4 months, I tried starting my son on solids at 4 months and he puked up everything and if he didn't puke, it went right through him. There's things called virgin gut and open gut that prove that starting solids early is NOT a good thing. My son gets all he needs from breast feeding though, he was full after every feeding at 6 weeks so that persons comment was irrelevant. Plus you're not supposed to feed babies solids until they are able to sit up unassisted, I've never seen a 6 week old sit up unassisted. But like you said it does depend on the baby.

you are so right about it depending on the baby. my first born was having to do small amounts of solid at a very early age - 3 months. my best friends son, however, couldn't start then until almost 9 months without being sick!

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according to my mom I was eating solids, starting to talk and practically potty trained at 9 months. I used to kick off my dirty diapers.

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they must be so proud........ .

To my knowledge, posts get approved or rejected with out editing.

213 - It's actually common knowledge that posts are often edited before being posted. Please educate yourself.

#213 they do get edited, because they left the part out about my son slapping me while giggling. It was hilarious so idk why it was taken out.

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@125 Breastmilk never loses its nutritional value. Actually, the WHO recommends nursing until 2 years and even further if baby and mother are fine with it.

63 - For one awful moment, I thought you meant the baby is delicious.

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You just need to stop commenting on here..... I have noticed throughout FML's your comments are irrelevant and not fun. Okay, hipster kitty out!

10, OP said her baby wouldn't take the bottle. 55, if you don't like his comments, don't read them.

Pretty sure his comment is relevant...

Biting is not grounds for formula. If that were the case my son would have stopped five months ago. Biting is almost always a sign of one of the following, teething, frustration, or in my sons case not hungry.