By Btwigster - United States
Today, my boyfriend and his bandmates were doing a live interview for a web show. Drunk off his ass, my boyfriend starts telling the internet how his ex-girlfriend is his biggest inspiration. I was standing right next to him. FML
Btwigster tells us more :
He's in a punk band, like, old school punk. Very '70's sounding. They don't even sing about girls that I've noticed! However, he apologized later and explained he was just nervous, and that it would never happen again. I believe that he was just nervous, but that sort of thing sticks with you, you know? You can't help wondering if that's how he really feels.
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  EspeonEve  |  1

Well, OP, it could be a good thing that she's his inspiration if she's a bitch and he writes songs about how she's a bitch. Be glad he's not having you be a bitch in his songs.
Then again I don't know his songs. If they are about happy love then, well... Kick him. In the balls.

  sarahbella101  |  7

ACTUALLY, alchohol can also be a lie potion. it isn't necessarily a truth serum. alchohol can make you do stupid things you dont mean to do and say stupid things you don't mean to say.