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  mikbrooke  |  25

#5 - by the OP being disappointed in their child already being sexually active, why would you think they are not a teenager? i find disappointment comes the younger the child is, so im thinking early teens.

  jadeystram  |  3

I think creating an environment where your child could be at least honest is great. I told my Mum the day after I lost my Virginity and I was quite young she said she wasn't happy but at least I had a relationship with her where I could tell her that stuff, to the point my friends were jealous I could even talk to my Mum about that stuff even though we fought a lot. We are best buds now though since a few years have passed since my young teenage years haha

  SillyGirl4602  |  23

66, I agree with what you said and I was the same way with my mother. I was sixteen when I lost my virginity and I told my mom the next day.
As for op's situation, I feel it would be a bit awkward. I could not imagine talking to my father about having sex.

By  noreia  |  14

maybe it's more about giving him the right pace than listening to whatever the music sounds like...

or it's just because it's enough to drown out the noise she and her playtoy of choice make.

  SgtAssCheeks  |  21

According to my sarcasm-o-meter, I do believe he wasn't being serious about that. But if he was... BLASPHEMY! The Fox is the greatest love-making song of all time!