By aarong - 10/02/2014 06:42 - United States - Tampa

Today, I found my daughter's "sex songs" playlist. I was more disappointed by her poor taste in music than the fact that she is already sexually active. FML
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You should replace the playlist with a voice recording of you reading erotica

killinpoptarts 9

Make sure to have a separate voice for each character


You should replace the playlist with a voice recording of you reading erotica

killinpoptarts 9

Make sure to have a separate voice for each character

UnicornFarts 15

He has to be careful about doing a Betty White voice, things could heat up quickly.

And when he gets to a REALLY steamy part, he should exclaim "OH MY!" in his best George Takei voice.

I agree! Or something casual in there. Maybe a reading of descriptions and symptoms for all the STDs.

In the voice of Mr Bean...

natalies0drizzy 3

moonzombie 13

He should do his best Gollum voice and giggle at the really steamy parts.

JMichael 25

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Well, good to know you have your priorities straight OP!

Replace it with "Daddys let's get it on list"

Hopefully she's not a teenager still...

I see little wrong with a 19-year-old being sexually active with (possibly) only one partner.

#5 - by the OP being disappointed in their child already being sexually active, why would you think they are not a teenager? i find disappointment comes the younger the child is, so im thinking early teens.

I think creating an environment where your child could be at least honest is great. I told my Mum the day after I lost my Virginity and I was quite young she said she wasn't happy but at least I had a relationship with her where I could tell her that stuff, to the point my friends were jealous I could even talk to my Mum about that stuff even though we fought a lot. We are best buds now though since a few years have passed since my young teenage years haha

66, I agree with what you said and I was the same way with my mother. I was sixteen when I lost my virginity and I told my mom the next day. As for op's situation, I feel it would be a bit awkward. I could not imagine talking to my father about having sex.

maybe it's more about giving him the right pace than listening to whatever the music sounds like... or it's just because it's enough to drown out the noise she and her playtoy of choice make.

gangnam style best sexy time song ever.

Worst. Song. Ever.

According to my sarcasm-o-meter, I do believe he wasn't being serious about that. But if he was... BLASPHEMY! The Fox is the greatest love-making song of all time!

Yep the chorus of The Fox is perfect for them to follow the rhythm ;)

I hope you meant "What Does The Fox Say"

Even sarcasm can't save your stupidity in liking the most ridiculous and annoying "song"

Actually, the song isn't called "what does the fox say". It's called "The Fox". Look it up on YouTube.

Let me guess was, "It's gettin' hot in here" on that list? It's a classic! Haha

Record your voice and rename the file as one of her most played songs.

Please tell me Timber and Nickelback were on the crap list.