By one sorry mom
Today, at the mall, my 4-year-old son threw up on a man's shoes. When he approached me, I immediately machine-gun mouthed him in public. The man apparently is a doctor and concernedly said that my son may have a rare gastric disease based on the puke. I got him checked, and he's right. FML
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  AXel2169  |  23

Fascinating how your insulting comment hasn't been hidden, because so many people (including myself) agree with you. It's the kind of comment that usually gets reported, but I guess we all hate people like OP, therefore it's ok to insult her

By  Kougeru  |  12

Why would you "machine-gun mouth" him anyway? Your son ruined his shoes. Even if he WASN'T going to help you, you still deserved anything bad that was gonna happen because your son ruined his shoes. As his legal guardian, you would owe that man new shoes. He 100% had the right to confront you and ask for compensation for the damage your son caused. You're lucky he didn't and gave you a free diagnosis that millions of people would literally die for.

By  RichardPencil  |  30

You machine-gun mouthed him in public? In front of your child? You dirty girl, you could get arrested for that!

And where did you learn to do that? Only high-end escorts know how to do that really well!

By  NostalgiaFreak9  |  40

So your son pukes on the guys shoes, and you yell at him why? Do you honestly think we are gonna feel sorry for you? You should be lucky the man was nice and warned you about the disease even after you yelled at him for whatever reason. Grow up.