By Anonymous - 10/09/2011 20:21 - United States

Today, the creepy girl in my history class told me that she once spent a whole period doing nothing but counting the freckles on the right side of my face, and that I have more than she's ever seen before on anyone else combined. FML
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FernAdele 9

how did you not notice?

niiick97_fml 3



FernAdele 9

how did you not notice?

HappyCynic 0

His right eye is glass?

"The creepy girl in my history class.." Ahh.. don't we all have one those in atleast one of our classes. It's probably the same girl that gave her number to some guy and when he called her, he asked about her friend that he was too shy to talk to.

I bet she counts other people's freckles since she compared OP's freckles to other people's..

Because obviously this girl is a certified creeper and kept it on the low low

Bbhd05 0


Stage 5 clinger alert.

indielove 13

Time to ask for a transfer! She sounds crazy, and soon she'll be lurking around your house.

65- when I first read that, I saw ginger, not clinger. :P

That's good to know, you should thank her you might have the world record for the most freckles on someones face.

That's dedication OP.

You have a very freckly face my friend.

did you ask her how many? I'd be fascinated haha

Do the creepaaah. Do the creepaaah.

StopDropNRoll 11

No one answered the question. She's obviously a ninja

If you look at the 4th comment I clearly stated she is a creeper and kept it on the low low that's why OP did not notice

If the nerd is a hottie and you can't control knowledge tell the teachheeerr.

I'm pretty sure OP did notice. He obviously thought she was creepy for a reason.

zendaddy0 0

Did you win a trophy?

35 - on the "low low?" really? slang nowadays is getting ridickinabox.

Because 'Ridickinabox' sounds so cool?

4ugu4 7


now tell her to count the warts on her ass and compare

ilikesupras 0

you're sooo gorgeous.

She was probably using a binoculars from the other building

witterlands 2

That sounds lovely :)

mr_miyagi 0

ypu know what they say about guys with a lot of freckles... yeah me neither

SpaceMan55 1

She's a keeper for sure

10 They have no souls?

she sounds charming!

I think she likes you

WolfsGuns 0

81, I wondered why no one made that joke yet.

I think she likes you!

Why do we assume it's a he? I only see 'anonymous' but then again I'm on my phone..

kickazz16 15

That's creepy...tell her to go count her pubes :)

olpally 32

I wonder how many she was able to count.. Jk.. That's just creepy as hell..

kickazz16 15

Lol haha yeh :)

KingDingALing 9

1...2...3.... What? Oh, you were talking about the girl's pubes...

she probably already has!

1, 2, 3,... ha ha haaaaaaaaa! (count Dracula) ( you know...the one from sesame street) ( yeah) p.s. (I like parentheses)

Or invite her to count YOUR pubes ;)

Ima_monster_x3 12

It's a compliment.. Kind of..

mgsoloist 14

Haha no. Last time I checked, being a male ginger would suck. Girls can be cute as a ginger. Guys can't. Ever.

What about Ron Weasley??

koolkat27 13

Ron weasley is the only good kind of male Ginger.

Chad Pennington was kickass. When he wasn't injured.

I just like to count freckles, okay?! :P

niiick97_fml 3


LiveLolLuv 0


lol32360 0

I'm not a Ginger and I have freckles...

Don't stay out too late or the gingers will get you

^ the *exact* reason I stay out late.

spanelli 16

My English teacher once admitted she was the reason why Gingers apparently "don't have souls". O.o

misfits911 0

only a Ginger would say that!

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BernieBeauty 1


AnaBanana1918 7

Now that's just creepy! RUN!

crazychick1269 7

yea I agree... RUN FOREST RUN!

denvan 0

Run Freckle kid run more like it

I bet OP has no soul... Freckles *Shivers*

ikickgingers 15

Gingers have no soul!!!!!!!

AgentSmith79 9

And gingers have lots of freckles. Duh.