By Anonymous - Australia
Today, I was at a party with my boyfriend meeting all of his friends for the first time. My boyfriend went into the kitchen to get me a drink, and after ten minutes I went looking for him. I discovered his friend holding two melons to his chest, mid explanation on how they look exactly like mine. FML
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  BeeSkwaird  |  0

Here, OP, lemme help you out: "FML" stands for "Fuck my life." It's used for when *bad* things happen to you.

Glad I could help clarify that for you.

  Reyo  |  2

Today, my boyfriend was showing off how big he thought my boobs were...which totally sucks for some reason. Did I mention that having big boobs is a bad thing? Yeah, I hate having big boobs dispite the fact that there are so many flat chested women who would love big boobs. It sucks being desirable...FML

That's you, you shallow bitch.

  mcsnelly  |  5

that's not exactly something girls want their boyfriends to be talking about with everyone, especially when THE GIRL IS THERE, TOO!! AND not all girls want big boobs!

  mastory96  |  0

okay, I have D cup boobs, and I would kill for like, A or something. I hate big boobs. when I run they bounce so much, and I can't find a bra good enough to hold 'em. and when I talk to guys their eyes seem to *gravitate* towards my chest instead of my face. 

so yes, maybe OP was embarrassed about her big boobs. and the fact that people talk about her big boobs when she's not there.  

  DameGreyWulf  |  0

Only self-centered twats want big boobs. Unless they were flat (and adults, mind you), then it's more like "I want people to know I'm a girl" than anything.
And there ARE such things as people who actually like their appearance and are satisfied with it.

125 is obviously the kind of person that makes 1st grade girls go on diets.

But as for you, OP... who cares? It was the friend. You don't know if your boyfriend was actually going "yeah love my gal's tits!" with him, since you just walked in. It's just as likely that the friend randomly did the act with no provocation.
Unless by "his chest" you mean the friend's chest, not your boyfriend's, then... well, still, who cares?

  sobe23  |  0

Me too!! Omgosh it is such a pain in the ass too! I can't wear little bikinis, nothing supports me, (btw, im 34 D so im not fat), prom dress shopping kinda sucked because I would find a great dress but it wouldn't fit in my chest and the next size up was too big. I wish I was a good ol' C. lol.

  gothymama  |  0

I was thinking the same thing as #1. I'd take that as a compliment! Then again, nobody's complimented my body in a long time! And I'm married. So FML!

  stef108  |  3

I thought for sure you were going to say something like u caught him making out with another girl or something..but as far as the boob's not a big deal..and if u have big boobs I'm sure this is not the first time you've got attention from them like that so why are u acting so shocked? This is not an FML

  BuckyC60  |  0

a friend of a friend, basically, her boyfriend does not really know the other guy, the other guy came with one of the boyfriend's friends probably.

but yeah... so not an fml, rather yet, a compliment, in any case they were not expecting for you to hear them or see their demo, lol.

By  lives_ppl  |  0

I hate those superficial people who make fun of girls with smaller boobs. I actually think that smaller boobs have their own hotness and bigger ones are a pain in real life.