By Lazy - 20/09/2009 12:03 - Australia

Today, I was at work and was trying to cheer up my stressed out manager by chatting. We were on the subject of sleeping in when I told her that I loved to be lazy and sleep in when I could. She looked up and down me and then answered, "I can see that." FML
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It sucks to be insulted when you are honestly trying to make someone's day better for them. Sorry about your bitchy co-worker!



Great so she said u were lazy, doesnt mean ur fat. i vote "who ccares?"


More of an "Awkward Turtle" situation.

Don't forget the awkward turkey too :)

Why, oh WHY do you post links to your myspace? Ill continue the trend by linking other sites :S __________________________________________________

Maybe it's because I can? ______________________

Well so can I - But it doesnt stop it being annoying ___________________________________

Perhaps it is annoying, but no one likes a little bitch, so how about you go play "hide and shut the fuck up" =)

I like little bitches.

quote from your profile: 'I love to dance, read, and treat women with respect and appreciation' Treat women with respect? Really? Calling me a 'little bitch' is respect? Whats Disrespect then? sorry, meant to reply to starchild21 ___________________________

You're right, I'm sorry for making it childish. What I should have said is that I'm sorry if it annoys you, but I'm just exercising my freedom to post what I want. My apologies _______________________

no harm done ;)

Its ok, starchild needs lots of attention, hence the myspace page advertising. 'Tis a shame

That's right Sublime very astute observation. After all why would anyone not post a link without wanting it to gain attention? Your understanding of the obvious astounds me :) You do sound a bit lonely and depressed and seem to enjoy picking on people though, have you ever considered being a politician?

The obvious? Starchild, you're the one that with the first 4 comments, hid from the fact that you just wanted attention, and saying "it's because I can" and "I'm just exercising my freedom to post what I want", and when Sublime said something, you knew you couldn't deny it. You're the one who wants attention. You've lost.

What's your point? "Because I can" and "Just exercising my freedom" are the outlying factors, while "attention" is the point. Yes I do want people to check out the myspace, that's why I put it as a "signature". You wanted my "attention" by addressing "Starchild", so you really don't have a point, plus I never said I DON'T want it nor denied it. It's as if you can't understand simple concepts. FYL for being so "special" :)

I can't understand simple concepts? I think you're a little confused, because based on your last comment, you have no idea what my point was. Read it again, dumbass. Maybe you'll understand it.

I just responded to the attempt of a point you had, and it really didn't hold. I'm sorry you think I'm a mirror image of you, but I'm really not that insignificant or horrible looking, just bring your camera a little higher to cover the rest of your face. You said I was attempting to dodge that everything I do is about attention, and I told you straight up I know it's about attention and I bask in the limelight. So really, what's your point? Please call me a dumbass again and explain it to me step by step like your girlfriend taught you about sex. :) _______________________


Awww, but sleeping in is so niiiice.

Well, at least you don't have your head up your ass. Note that she's the one who's stressed out, not you, so you're better off than her.

She probably didn't try to be mean, she was probably joking

Haha, thats mean... :) Well... is she rite?

atleast you tried to cheer her up

It sucks to be insulted when you are honestly trying to make someone's day better for them. Sorry about your bitchy co-worker!

Then take the hint...

Sleeping in is fantastic. Don't let anyone tell you anything different.

Haha, amen to that.