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Today, my very traditional parents told me that I should start a savings account for my marriage. I told them that I wouldn't get married until much later because I don't even have a boyfriend yet. They said, "Don't worry we already found a boy for you." FML
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Forced relationships? Is that even LEGAL?

That's harsh, an arranged boyfriend?? jeez


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you don't want this guy. if the best he can do is arranged marriage and you end up with him...then you, dear girl, are FUCKED.

Who said there's anything wrong with her? No need to jump to conclusions.

That's harsh, an arranged boyfriend?? jeez

Don't worry, her parents got a good deal. They traded her for a monkey and a banana split. Unfortunately the monkey ate the banana split. The moral of the story-never leave a moneky alone in a room with a banana split.

Forced relationships? Is that even LEGAL?

#7 I don't think you understand the concept of an arranged marriage. I can't speak for the OP and what their family would do to them if they didn't follow through, so...

.......Your comprehension skills aren't very good at all, are they?

Okay fucktard, let me break it down for you: -Forced marriage is when traditional parents want their child to marry someone no matter what, usually with little to no time spent together with the couple. -Said parents want OP to get married -Said parents have a boy for OP All those add up to the parents wanting her to marry this guy (or just get married in general, the specific person probably doesn't matter). Read between the lines, dumb bitch. Also, try it out? How fucking awkward is that? "Uh yea, hi. My parents think I should marry you. So... what's up?"

if ops Chinese then the parent would pretty much pick a group of chinese guys (or sometimes just one) the ones With status and good reputation/ wealth and set up lunches and let her meet them all and pretty much she'll have to choose one from the group and then when she marries she becomes a housewife and better hope to god you get kind in laws, or you just might live your life in misery.

It's not illegal for parents to force relationships but marriage has to be agreed too for both male and female, forced marriage is in fact illegal though lol

haven't you guys heard of arranged marriage? a lot of parents do it

If she is in United States it's not legal

Well, atleast they did the hard part for you, just check him out.

its not an FML...yet. well at least get to know the person first before reacting, if things really dont work out then talk to your parents about it and tell them how you feel.

Ohshiiii- Let's hope he's not a cousin or something O___o

My friend is Asian and is arranged to marry her cousin, who is 21 at the moment, she is 16

hmm, if your parent are that traditional, it shouldn't come as a shock when they arrange someone for you to be with.

Not only do they pick out your husband, but they also expect you to pay for the forced wedding as well. Yep, FYL.

savings account for marriage, not wedding :/ If they're that traditional, at least the parents should be helping out... unless they think they've done their part by getting the guy xD

Is this money supposed to be the dowry or is it to pay for the wedding, because they can’t be ‘traditional’ enough to pick your husband and then expect not to be pay for the wedding!

And will the public's reaction be the same if you're a guy and someone's prepared a girl for you ...?

i would think so. I think arranged marriages in general are completely ridiculous.

YDI for not knowing what "traditional" means. Did you expect them to say, "Here's what we've been doing for generations, but you go right ahead and hook up with some swinging dick you met in a bar or a pathological liar on, and we'll be OK with that?"

o.O I didn't get the impression she didn't understood what it meant... and even if she didn't, it doesn't mean she has to like their traditions. If she didn't know what it meant, she would have said "today, my very possessive and strict parents." or something, at least she recognizes they are traditional and not just dictators. She may respect the tradition, but she can still hate the idea of it.

I got the impression that the OP was surprised that her parents had found a boy for her, and that marriage was something you could put off. I've known people from two different ethnic groups who had arranged marriages and in each case, the couple got to meet before the potential wedding and had veto power over it going forward. It's not like "Fiddler on the Roof" or "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" (huge tracts of land!)

...marriage is something you can put off. Also, if their family has been doing this "for generations," that's a problem. Move out of your cult compound and learn2modernage.

That's how my parents meet....