By Forever_Cursed - United States - Palm Harbor
Today, I sent my daughter to her dad's house for the week. She decided to pack my remotes and most of my clothes and shoes, in an effort to make me come get her as soon as I noticed. FML
Forever_Cursed tells us more :
Im the OP!! Glad this got accepted but to clarify some things nothing is going on in his home. She is just being a drama queen because he lives in a middle class home and I live in the suburbs . She doesn't like being there because " the demon spawns" also known as her brother and sisters are there and she is the oldest. She also doesn't have her own room at his house like she does at mines.
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By  SquilliamFancy  |  15

So.. Your child is a brat, and that's okay with you? Because that sort of behavior would get my ass handed to me before I even went off.

If you don't nip that in the bud, she'll hold onto that trait because you're enabling her.

If you already have, good for you, and keep at it. You really don't want to have to put up with that when she's older.

By  TabooSushi  |  24

As a daughter of divorced parents who also hated going to dad's... Talk to her. There's usually a reason when kids refuse to be around someone. Even if it ends up being something silly, at least she'll learn that she can talk to you, and perhaps you can help her solve the issue even if it IS silly.
But you'll never forgive yourself if it turns out to be something serious and you didn't at least try to find out and help her.

  isum21  |  20

i understand concern from everyone, but when kids don't like someone, they can do crazy stuff. i threw a small piece of birthday cake at my nephew (harmless, relatively funny thing to do to the birthday kid) and he took his birthday money and bought 4 full size cakes just to throw at me. small things can make a child want to nuke the world.

but concern is always a good thing to have, in the right amounts.

By  DoomedGemini  |  37

Honestly, I would cry having to go to my dads sometimes. Mostly because it was a couple towns away. I was so far away from mom(I have separation anxiety), any of my friends, my pets.. They didn't understand my insomnia and thought turning all lights off making me lay in bed would help. I love my dad, but going there wasn't that enjoyable. There's typically reasons, even if it's not abuse(though there might be), maybe you can try to talk to her and figure out how to help?

By  KestrelGirl  |  15

On the bright side, you're her favorite parent. On the not-so-bright side... as other commenters have said, you should probably talk to her about what goes on over there!

By  MashaV  |  6

I agree with everyone who says to look into this more closely. Even if it's nothing serious, it's important to know why she feels that way. However, even if her dad wouldn't do anything bad, if there is someone else in his household, like a new spouse or girlfriend, they could be the source of the problem. When my parents got divorced, I stayed with my dad, and sometimes would go to my mom's place. Turned out her second husband was a borderline abusive jerk.. I didn't tell my dad anything for several years, mostly cause I was too young to understand where it was going. In the end, nothing serious happened, but it was a bad situation all the same. Not to freak you out or anything, but having been in a similar situation, I understand why one would be concerned about this.

By  IrisNoel98  |  15

My parents are separated and I hated going to my dad's. He was neglectful, emotionally abusive, and didn't want to spend time with me. Talk to her. If she doesn't want to go to her dad's and wants you to get her, something is up.