By Miss Spasticator - 26/10/2012 20:49 - United States - Vancouver

Today, I tagged along with some friends to a party in the woods. Halfway into the night, a party-goer's boyfriend got extremely drunk and violent, causing the others to panic and drive away in the two cars we pooled in. My best friend and I had to run all the way back home on foot. FML
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Moral of the story: don't go to parties in the woods.

slimshadey 5

At least you weren't alone


Look on the bright side, at least you got some exercise.

Two heads are better than one

I'd say that the boyfriend is probably in a lot deeper shit than anyone else is.

Look on the even better side. You didn't drive home with a potential drunk driver.

CrewBoy, Cute ferret! We've had as many as 10! Down to 1, now!

Unless OP's home is around 1km away. Then OP is just a pussy..

Moral of the story: don't go to parties in the woods.

Perfect setting for a horror movie.

Blair Witch did it best.

#16 Yea, if you like having motion sickness.

perdix 29

Unless you're a constipated bear.

Nah, just toss a couple rolls of Charmin Ultra at him.

You can't trust a system!

shawnagreenbean1 9

Ahahahaha right.

slimshadey 5

At least you weren't alone

LiesAndMischief 4

Exactly. At least this isn't one of those FMLs where the best friend turns out to be a bitch and leaves the OP on their own.

Seems like you need better friends... Or friends with better boyfriends.

Quick! Get in my van!

Oh! I forgot! The candy is in my basement...

"that's not the type of fudge you said you were packing?!!"

Uh... Take off your pants!

kittenvks 11

I never do this, BUT I just want to point out how perfect your pic is for this comment :)

Thanks 71- was it the neck-brace?

On the bright side, you managed to get home and write this with the pages you found. Slenderman finding you, he did not.

MindFreakazoid 10

Just don't look behind you.

Run, Forrest, Run!

That is some crappy luck you got there

Gotta get that cardio in somehow.

It is rule #1 after all.

Run, forest, run! My bad! Didn't see somebody else said this.