By Pooperscooper - 20/07/2009 18:45 - France

Today, I learned when you're babysitting a 5 year old, and you hear the toilet flush and then the words "uh oh", it's already too late. FML
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This would've been a way better FML if we actually KNEW what you had lost...?

She lost her virginity.


Ligerie 0

Thats happens a lot apparently

This is an ambiguous and mysterious FML. YDI for being stupid enough to not tell us what's going on.

baby_love 0

seriously, huh?

Agreed. With as much info as we have its impossible to say if its even a bad thing. 5 year old judgement is not the best.

I bet the only reason this was moderated was so people could find out what happened.

pwnrzero 0

you can tell the OP's life is effed by looking at hteir name: "pooperscooper"

the OP's name is "pooperscooper", what do you think happened? come on guys.

teebreaker101 1

fuck you

It's an indoor swimming pool!! :D

Kenton1008 21

It's an indoor swimming pool...full of crap.


What did you lose? Cell phone? Or..?

She's saying that the kid clogged the toilet and it overflowed.

She lost her virginity.

#52 just made this fml.

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#52 FTW

With love, #52.

#52 is a reply of #3. it took me a while to find it :)

When I first skim - read this FML, I thought the 5 year old flushed him/herself down the toilet..... :

This would've been a way better FML if we actually KNEW what you had lost...?

See #52 to find out what she lost

...where's the punch line?

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Where's the funny?

Worst FML ever. I'm putting YDI just because it sucks.

LOLWUT? what happened?

I take it you have to buy a new phone now?