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Today, I awoke to find that my car had been burglarized in my own driveway and several hundred dollars worth of electronics were stolen. I only later discovered that my campus parking pass had also been stolen when I got a $75 ticket while taking a chemistry test. FML
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I couldn't list everything that was stolen but it was my sirious radio, my ipod, my GPS, and my sister's GPS (her fault). Nothing was in plain sight except for the radio. And the parking pass itself was $100. Also... I think burgled sounds waaay weirder that burglarized...

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First, burglarized IS, in fact, a word. Second, who doesn't leave electronics in their car? I thought that was a normal practice. You cannot tell me that every night you take ALL of the electronics out of your car, that's just pointless. And who knows if they were visible? The thief could have quite easily looked through the car and found them. Fourth, the garage could have also been occupied...So I think everyone is coming down too hard on the OP. This was definitely a crappy day for him! Sorry OP! :)

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anyone trying to buy some electronics? I have several hundred dollars worth. I'm selling it all for $250 obo


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lol... burglarized: i love that word

u shouldnt have had that shit in your car

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ydi for leaving all of those electronics in your car.

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YDI. IDK why. but you do. sorry bout that one. . .oh yeah, and to all you christians, you know the part in mass when the father says, "Forever and everrrrr" and rings the bell? Well, I heard they changed it to "Damn antiflood protection to hell and let it never come back forever and everrr!"

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ydi and fyl. all those electronics?!? if they were open in view, that is asking for it to be stolen, not that it makes it right, it's still wrong. but your parking pass as well? that sucks

who cares atleast u passed the test right...

Don't pay the ticket. Campus security can't do anything.

ahahaha burglarized. that's a stupid word.

Most people leave electronics in their vehicles. They're also known as stereos or car audio systems. There's a chance that's what the OP had stolen from him

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Thank you 35, Im sure thats what he ment. look at the bright side, at least a bird didn't shit on your face while taking a picture =.

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y'know what would be a kick in the ballsack? if the cops did and wrote you the ticket hahahahahahahahaa

that sux, i got alot of electronics in my car. got the system, gps, radar detector and emergency blue light. u can hide the last stuff, but u gota wipe the rings off the windshield. btw dont pay the ticket, u got a legit excuse

gimme your adress and I'll do a free cleanout in your car

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@29 Most colleges wont release your transcripts or diploma until you've paid stuff off.

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who the hell says burglarized?! hahaha

41: Epic win right there. Anyways, FYL. Maybe you should get the cops to investigate or something

why didn't u park your car in ur garage?? u have a driveway, u have a garage.

Bad advice. Colleges can deny you graduation until you pay them any and all fees, including parking tickets.

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sorry but it just songs fake. if it is real, then fyl indeed!

Burglarized? Do you mean Burgled? XD Hell, even "Broken into" would've worked :P

Today my faith in humanity was burglarized when several people treated an actual word like it was a mythical being. fml

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why'd you have that stuff in your car?!?!?

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WOW! That is a hell of a ticket for not having a pass.


why would you have $700 worth of stuff in there?

yeah that's what I wanna know. shouldn't you make sure that crap isn't visible?

yea take the crap inside but the ticket part just sucks

wow FYI but remeber bad things happen in 3's so look out

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