By Dimples - 03/01/2013 11:35 - United States - Sanford

Today, I was at a café with my friends when an elderly man noticed my dimples. He came up to me, stroked them while whispering, "One in a million" then walked out. Now my friends do this to me constantly, even while driving home. I almost hit a tree. FML
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perdix 29

You could have put a dimple in tree, then there would be two in a million.

If you're one a million, there are six thousand like you


KawiRacer69 5


^ Prime example of wanting to be first.

^prime example of a pony

Well that's unfortunate.

We can say that about a lot of FMLs...

Wishez 12

I dare say every post on this website is unfortunate.

perdix 29

You could have put a dimple in tree, then there would be two in a million.

bjhosking21 4

No shit Sherlock

Sinamoi 18


damn_homie 2

That was just creepy. I wouldn't have let him get that close to me

Agreed. Keep distance. And wouldn't it be one in 500 000? I'm assuming OP has two dimples.

78- I have only one dimple on my cheek

BlueFlatts 20

Maybe it started as one in two million when the old man was eying OP's special dimples from across the café. But then the old man whipped out a calculator and found out how special OP really is.

4 - Really? Assuming OP's referring to dimples in the cheek, this came across to me as a sad, old man giving a really special compliment. I can understand OP doesn't like getting made fun of for it, so FYL to that, but I personally believe that OP was given a huge compliment. If it were any other 'part' of her body, that's a completely different story, but I'll assume that this is obvious.

If you're one a million, there are six thousand like you

Isn't it 7000 now? Sorry to be pedantic, I just thought the joke should be updated.

Yikes, that's super creepy

beddington 7

Hope it wasn't you back dimples.

Or the dimples on her ass.

At least he didn't grab your ass and whisper "one in a million"

perdix 29

Unless she had "ass dimples," butt those are far more common than one in a million. Every chick with cellulite has 'em.

And then the bigger question would be why her cellulitey ass dimples were on display to strangers in a cafe.

TheDrifter 23

Have you seen the waitresses' uniforms at Denny's? They make cellulite prone behinds look like play dough that's been beaten with a bag of nickels.

RedPillSucks 31

Maybe it was Bike Week at Myrtle Beach.

jem970 19

I dont know weither to laugh like crazy or be disgusted... I'm going to go with a nervous half giggle.

perdix 29

#50, go for the crazy laugh. This thread is hilarious.

Looks like Herbert the pervert is back in town

HA! I hope I am Not his next prey, I got lower back dimples....

Let's hope he doesn't change his name to Chester the molester.

YES! I totally read this in his voice!