By Dimples - United States - Sanford
Today, I was at a café with my friends when an elderly man noticed my dimples. He came up to me, stroked them while whispering, "One in a million" then walked out. Now my friends do this to me constantly, even while driving home. I almost hit a tree. FML
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  BlueFlatts  |  20

Maybe it started as one in two million when the old man was eying OP's special dimples from across the café. But then the old man whipped out a calculator and found out how special OP really is.

  EsotericBrent  |  29

4 - Really? Assuming OP's referring to dimples in the cheek, this came across to me as a sad, old man giving a really special compliment. I can understand OP doesn't like getting made fun of for it, so FYL to that, but I personally believe that OP was given a huge compliment.

If it were any other 'part' of her body, that's a completely different story, but I'll assume that this is obvious.