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Today, while talking to one of my parents' friends, we discovered that the house he grew up in is the same house my boyfriend now lives in. When he recalled that he lost his first tooth there, the only response I could come up with was, "Oh my gosh, I lost my virginity there!" FML
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They're basically the same

Aren't you a quick thinker


They're basically the same

As long as they don't tell your parents...

I can't even remember losing my first tooth :/ I bet I looked ******* adorable afterward though.

JocelynKaulitz 28

You win some you lose some.

67 I think you over thought it. I'm pretty sure 1 was being sarcastic.

Are you sure you don't overuse it, 70?

Actually you get paid to lose the tooth

It might not have been said clearly enough. 67 you're ******* stupid. I don't understand people...

Aren't you a quick thinker

Subconscious mind : 1 Rational mind: 0

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Please make up a more orignal comment please. This phrase is used FAR too much on FML

Please use proper grammar please

49- When correcting grammar, it is advised to finish your sentence with a period.

Did you apply for the Department of Redundancy Department position? (Sorry, been stuck in TV Tropes for days...again.)

49 ~ Please stop repeating words ... Please.

Hopefully not at the same ages. :p

I wonder how the conversation went after that remark... ?

*after a long awkward pause* "So.... where did you lose it?" "In the kitchen...." "Me too!" *another long awkward pause*

*Random elderly lady walks up after hearing convo* I lost mine in the kitchen to!

ballettillidie 8

I think it would just be awkward silence...

Or if they're comfortable and close with each other, added with a little sprinkle of good humour, I can imagine a high-five.

clean out your brain to mouth filter, it will help reduce word vomit.

I bet you're a hit in every tea party. So amusing.

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Wow def though op said she was talking to her new boyfriend and her ex use to live there. My thought was more funny

Scands_59 14

Geez, what a way to shoot someone down, you're lack of friendliness is an FML.

Wow ouch, not sure why I needed that?? And also "hmm." Is not a complete sentence. Also who cares about correct punctuation while typing on a phone??

The world hated grammar nazis care, as long as the comment is readable, it's fine :-)

60, don't argue with Noor. You just won't win.

redmane 21

60- Your brain cares. I've noticed kids writing school papers with this language. "Wow" and "ouch" are not sentences but should have a period or exclamation mark placed for their expressive manner. You can't start a sentence with "and." "Also," is a transitional phrase and you should have placed a comma. "not sure why I needed that??" is not a complete sentence. Where's the subject at the beginning? The use of a second question mark is unnecessary. Being a grammar nazi isn't a bad thing. We're supporting the art of written and oral language.

Sorry I'm not writing a essay. I'm on a blog speaking freely. I put the commas in those place because that's how I'm talking, I want you to read it how I'm saying it. I really don't give one shit if I forget a period. It's a blog! If you spend your time checking to see if you got everything right. You have to much time on your hands and need to get a life.

redmane 21

People copy edit and proof read as a career. You're not writing a paper, but you should always be using your knowledge to the best of your ability. That's the reason schools have a language/literature curriculum. They don't teach you these things expecting you to use it only when you're getting graded. You're wasting money and years of education. There is a difference between personal writing style and laziness.

Yes, way to much!

87- *Stands up facing Redmane and slowly claps for the beautiful, grammatical knock out accompanied with an undeniablely logical argument.* *Turns to Kyle* Sit down, sir. At this point, to do otherwise would only prolong the suffering. ;P

Never knew anyone cared so much how how another person wrote something? I feel like I'm being attacked over this haha! Half these people attacking me need to get laid! Maybe then you would be a happier person:)

^Maybe you should take your own advice, your grammar just might improve.

lmaoo!! tHeY def graMMA naZIed yo0 a$s broo ;)

Well dracoboxer, apparently Kyle enjoys prolonged's okay though, the Fml gods put him out of his misery.

Small world, innit?

you can't just blurt stuff out like that

Well apparently, you can, as everyone is free to make their own choices, however, you aren't always free from the consequences of those choices. ;P

Some people literally do not have a "filter" on what they say. Doctors have told me i do not have one. It is within the frontal lobe of your brain somewhere to think before saying and nope, I do Not have it.

29- You have frontal lobe inhibition? I can see where actively choosing to type what you want to instead of blurting out what you're thinking must be a relief from saying something too embarrassing. :p I don't envy you that.

Isn't that called turrets?

CharresBarkrey 15

64 - No. Tourette Syndrome is different, Google it.

No one can take a joke on here.

One must make a good joke before others will laugh at it.