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Today, I was asked to prove that I was Chinese by translating the phrase, "Ching chong ming chang ho". I'm not even Chinese. FML
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@everyone asking for op to translate it: it doesn't mean anything, its a pejorative phrase used by racist idiots to mock the Chinese language.

people can be so ignorant OP


people can be so ignorant OP

Well considering that the above phrase is mostly gibberish....

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Ask them to prove they're part whatever they claim to be by giving them a translated sentence from whatever nationality they're probably only 1/16th of. That'll shut them up.

"1/16th", LOL XD! !

I wish it was that funny, but it really wasn't.

ThatOneChick856 36

I wasn't saying it to be funny, I was saying it seriously. Even though OP isn't Chinese (which was irrelevant), the fact that they had to "prove that they are" by translating some stereotypical gibberish is ridiculous and offensive. I mean to turn the tables on them by making them "prove" themselves will probably shut them up and stop asking ridiculous requests like they did to OP. I'm sure people have tried this and it's worked somehow.

ThatOneChick856 36

#62- and by "irrelevant", I meant "irrelevant to my point". Just wanted to clarify.

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According to google translate it means nothing

They do mean something but only as individual words. That's like saying "pig car bus cloud honk". They are words but don't make a sentence.

I understand Mandarin, and I also can back up that this makes no sense. Reminds me of that UCLA girl who went viral for saying "ching chong ling long ting tong"

it does not mean anything. this is bull crap

@10 - It doesn't mean shit. It's an ignorant racist comment from someone trying to be funny by making sounds which they believe to be an approximation of what they heard. I'm Chinese so I'd like to think that I am a reliable source of information here!

Now I just want to walk up to a random person on the street and go "pig car bus cloud honk" and walk away.

Suaria 37

My ex friend who is Chinese told me it doesn't mean anything. It is just a string of words that don't make sense together.

Wow what a dick, you should never assume anyone's race.

I think you mean ethnicity/nationality because OP implied that they are already Asian, just not Chinese. I fully agree with you though.

Well, assuming race in itself isn't bad. It's blabbing stereotypical unfunny, trash that's dumb.

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it means his boss is ignorant on a number of levels, and if this comment is serious, you are not far behind.

There is absolutely no implication of the person being op's boss.

#25 Still in front of you though. Have you ever met that guy they call Irony? You should meet that guy, he changes your life. Really...

It seems you haven't met him, 44.

Gosh! Have I been fooled? Must have been one of his relatives. They all look like...

@56, absolutely unnecessary... Regardless of whatever you were trying to say you only come off as stupid as the person who was telling OP to translate.

@everyone asking for op to translate it: it doesn't mean anything, its a pejorative phrase used by racist idiots to mock the Chinese language.

Alright, got it... but what does it mean...?

Something tells me you don't "got it."

I did. It's actually you guy who don't got it. I'm talking about irony.

That is not how irony works.

That's not irony, that's just a bad joke.

It could be disscussed! I am pretty sure it is a cultural issue eventually.

It's a fail, Malsain. Accept and move on.

Per Google translate: Eat insects that sing oh. But they probably didn't know it meant anything, just being racist.

You can't fix stupid.

Education can.

Not always, *you can't fix ignorance

I feel like education helps but some people just choose to not use their brain in everyday life and thus the remain ignorant.

#18 You need a decent board of education for that.

Not really... Just look at all the idiots that graduate from high school.

Don't let it bother you OP! Ignorance shows the stupidity of the beholder..

I believe the proper translation of "Ching chong ming chang ho" is "I'm a pathetic, ignorant bigot who can't even be bothered to attempt an actual Chinese sentence. Pity me."

You have won the Internet. Or this thread.

"bigot" Now this is comedy.

Even if that meant something and you were Chinese, why would you need to prove it to anyone? And like everyone of Chinese descent knows the language? Not even starting on the different dialects.. People make me want to hit my head on the wall sometimes..or their head.