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  threer  |  30


  delude  |  26

Spanish is a lot easier to learn than German. Also, I'm a Chinese person who was born in the Western Hemisphere and I can speak both languages fluently.

OP: your teacher sucks

By  jackaaa  |  0

That actually happens often. I've had friends move to Mexico during high school, and they always did poorly on their English tests. It's because they go into more detail in the class than we ever did here. They concentrate on the little things we don't notice. It's normal.

  TheAnon1313  |  28

yeah, in mexico and in France, the English classes focus more on grammar rules and all that. my French teacher (who's lived in Canada and spoken English all her life) went to France when she was 18, and nearly failed her first English tests there.

By  Hannah_fml  |  0

18- I don't know about America, but I know in Canada you need up to gr 11 of a second language to get into most universities, and unless you are in French Immersion, English doesn't count as a second language, even if it really is your second language. So yeah, this person could have actually needed this course.

  TheAnon1313  |  28

Weird. I know at my school (in Southern Ontario), we're told we only need grade 9 French, and then we never have to take it again and can still get into a good university

By  flyawayphoenix  |  0

"1st of all New Jersey is full of nothing but degenerates and scumbags"

Excuse you. That'd be NORTH Jersey. It smells, and that's where all the New Yorkers move to-- if you kicked them all out, it'd be as nice as southern New Jersey :]

Get it right.

By  4ube_fml  |  6

Speaking the language is sadly not enough, specially when you don't speak or write it correctly..
I mean, some of you here on the comments write an aweful english, I think i write your own language better than you, and English is not my first, nor my second, but my third language.. :)

  kelseyyc  |  0

I know, it's especially awful that on the internet we don't use perfect grammer all the time. Really? Who cares? Does it really matter if I write it so people can read it, even though I don't use apostrophes or capitals? The only reason I'm doing it here is to show that we can actually use good grammar if we try.

  Origami86  |  6

#22, this is EXTREMELY ironic considering you just wrote awful as aweful. thanks for making me crack up. oh the irony. still laughing. lock yourself in your room. seriously. EPIC FAIL.