By notestojenn - United States - Manchester
Today, I walked into my roommate's room to ask him a question, only to see a pitcher with over a pint of urine in it sitting on his bookcase. This is at least the fifth conversation in a year I've had with him about not peeing in containers in his room. FML
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  OoLogicalOo  |  4

Some boys are gross, yes, but some girls are also. Some humans chose to be what society labels as gross. They usually live in trailers though... Haha, No, but really a lot of people are different and I sure wouldn't want to live with someone who pees into a pitcher.

  buck33  |  14

Someone did that in my dorms. I was at a camp at a university and my roommate got up to go to the bathroom. I look in the hall and I see a bottle filled with piss! It was actually pretty funny.


With over a pint of urine in there I doubt the majority of it is fresh.

So the question should have been, "do you happen to have any old to moderately fresh piss I could borrow?"

That would have been right up his alley.


I know a guy who keeps his jizz in containers, so that he could donate to a sperm bank.
He seemed pretty upset when I told him that sperm dies after about a week.

Later, somebody dared him to drink it.
He did.

By  bizarre_ftw  |  21

Well that's your own fault! It's common knowledge that the first thing you do when you bring a new, animal into your home is house train him! Rub his nose in it? Or shake some coins - careful though, he may shit on the rug

  n1988e  |  8

I'm sure 13 knows what a roommate is. She's comparing his behavior to an animal cause normal human wouldn't piss wherever they please. They use the toilet!


I'm glad some of you got the joke, but I can't believe all of you missed the FML reference at the end.

'Today, I walked in on my new puppy peeing on the carpet. The trainer had told me to punish her by shaking a metal can of pennies at her, since noise scares dogs. I shook it at her, and she responded by having explosove diahrea on the carpet in fright. FML'

I'm going to go cry in a corner now.