By notestojenn - 05/07/2012 02:55 - United States - Manchester

Today, I walked into my roommate's room to ask him a question, only to see a pitcher with over a pint of urine in it sitting on his bookcase. This is at least the fifth conversation in a year I've had with him about not peeing in containers in his room. FML
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Maggey 19

The sixth conversation is when it's time to dump the pitcher on him while he sleeps.


AGhost5445 25

Maybe he's helping people with drug tests

At least OP's roommate does it in his room.

TheSnakeDoctor20 17

Call up Bear, he'll drink it!

Your house, your rules. If its not ur house, mind your own business.

I hope you didn't forget and end up using that pitcher for drinks sometime later...

Here i have cookies for you then. Stupid

I'm sorry you didn't find my comment humorous, as I gather you were upset by it. My apologies.

Put a hole in the container. Once some of his stuff gets damaged by his own piss, maybe he'll clue in why normal people don't do this...

Boys will be boys. Good luck OP with you're roommate

Yeah some boys can be gross. Like OPs roommate. Not all boys are that gross, no, not that DISGUSTING. That'll smell the whole place up over time. Believe me I know.

2 Girls 1 Cup, Blue Waffle and Tub Girl. My point here is done.

Guys, it isn't only boys that can be gross! Girls can be disgusting too, let's not stereotype. :)

42 I had no idea wtf tub girl was and I googled it... I'm going to go cry in the corner now

Some boys are gross, yes, but some girls are also. Some humans chose to be what society labels as gross. They usually live in trailers though... Haha, No, but really a lot of people are different and I sure wouldn't want to live with someone who pees into a pitcher.

42: you made me google blue waffle and tub girl... I'm going to join 56.

Guys can get blue waffles too you know. But it's, ah, "different". Not very blue, if you know what I mean haha *pukes*

unlucky90 4

Your picture be gross. Never heard of tub girl but of course I had to look it up....and I knew I would regret it

How lazy can you get! What's with people pissing in containers?

Someone did that in my dorms. I was at a camp at a university and my roommate got up to go to the bathroom. I look in the hall and I see a bottle filled with piss! It was actually pretty funny.

Maggey 19

The sixth conversation is when it's time to dump the pitcher on him while he sleeps.

Might have been at the second conversation for most of us, but sixth works, too

What a great way to lose value and gain smell...

maybe he puts it in your food/drink if ya piss him off o.o

_ebbonyy 11

He sounds like a pleasant chap to live with :)

What does "chap" refer to, like i never got what that was..

_ebbonyy 11

it's another word for 'guy' 'man' 'bloke' etc

You really should have been able to tell that by context if you didn't know it in the first place.

perdix 29

I hope your question was, "Where can I find a lot of fresh pee?" I feel your roommate could really answer that one with authority.

With over a pint of urine in there I doubt the majority of it is fresh. So the question should have been, "do you happen to have any old to moderately fresh piss I could borrow?" That would have been right up his alley.

I know a guy who keeps his **** in containers, so that he could donate to a sperm bank. He seemed pretty upset when I told him that sperm dies after about a week. Later, somebody dared him to drink it. He did. FML.

bizarre_ftw 21

Well that's your own fault! It's common knowledge that the first thing you do when you bring a new, animal into your home is house train him! Rub his nose in it? Or shake some coins - careful though, he may shit on the rug

Although 13's comment was quite bizzare, last time I checked, roommates are humans and humans are mammals.

I'm sure 13 knows what a roommate is. She's comparing his behavior to an animal cause normal human wouldn't piss wherever they please. They use the toilet!

Were 39 and I the only one to see the sarcasm and goofy humor in that comment? Lighten up, people.

Cowboy1986 4

I'm glad some of you got the joke, but I can't believe all of you missed the FML reference at the end. 'Today, I walked in on my new puppy peeing on the carpet. The trainer had told me to punish her by shaking a metal can of pennies at her, since noise scares dogs. I shook it at her, and she responded by having explosove diahrea on the carpet in fright. FML' I'm going to go cry in a corner now.

Well then you are going to have to take drastic measures to make him stop.