Hangover time

By Anonymous - 16/12/2010 20:30 - United States

Today, I woke up to find that I'd left my clothes in my roommate's bedroom. After returning from a night of heavy drinking, I apparently got up to use the bathroom and used her room as a toilet. I don't remember this, but pee stains don't lie. FML
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Did you really expect differently? After all, he is He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.

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He's gonna die in July just hold out till then.

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@27 - Officially, I died in July 2007. But you didn't know about the top-secret 7th horcrux. So I'm back bitch, hiding in a cave in Afghanistan until the time is right. ;)

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but we did know about the 7th horcrux... it is in HP... or was until you killed him & he chose to come back. haha you killed a part of yourself, & caused your own death... Tom Riddle's diary Marvolo Gaunt's ring Slytheryn locket Helga Hufflepuff's Cup Rowena Ravenclaw's diadem Nagini the snake & Harry ... um Spoiler alert! Ah well, if you got this far, it's a little too late...

Harry was NOT the 7th horcrux. The books only mention 6 horcruxes. The 7th horcrux was on this site, as I have been immortalized here. ;)

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dark lord if I may you've been causing way too many complications at the office so please use crucio or kill them any other way but avarda kadavra

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But a horcrux is formed when you kill someone, & your soul Is ripped from your body & placed elsewhere. You tried to kill Harry, but your soul was ripped from your body & placed in Harry. You took harry's blood, & placed it in yourself, tethering Harry to life... You killed that part of your soul in Harry the last night of your life, making Harry whole again. He was no longer sharing a soul with you. I'm no expert... (I got my info from my readings & understandings of the books I read. The Internet is flawed) But it did say on page 709 in the American hard cover version 2nd to last paragraph, "then explain...more," said Harry, and Dumbledore smiled. "You were he seventh horcrux, Harry, the horcrux he never meant to make. He rendered his soul so unstable that it broke apart when he committed those acts of unspeakable evil, the murder of your parents, the attempted killing o a child. But what escaped from that room was even less than he knew. He left more than his body behind. He left part of himself latched to you, the would-be victim who had survived. And his knowledge remained woefully incomplete, Harry!" & I'll end my quote there. but as it stated, you didn't know about that horcrux, so there's no way I can fault you for that incomplete knowledge that you displayed on this site. Dumbledore said that your knowledge was incomplete. Funny how we switched to HP talk. Lolz. I may be considered a nerd or w/e 4 referencing my book, but the book is the most accurate source, not the Internet, or the movie, which neglected so much, & muddled so many events, like when you got the Elder Wand...

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friiiigggggg I messed up my quote... "You were the seventh" not you were he... man I hate iPods. no physical keyboard, & easier to drag a finger...

Ali_Br_fml 33

friiiigggggg I messed up my quote... "You were the seventh" not you were he... man I hate iPods. no physical keyboard, & easier to drag a finger... and of course of a child, not o a child. I'm full of typos today... it's still early, so forgive me FMLers...

That reminds me, I forgot to pee at the fire hydrant.

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you obviously have a ****** up memory system because if that's what this reminds you of then that not normal ps what I'm trying to say is you're not funny

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hahaha please tell me you peed on them in their sleep? xD

I'd pee on you, kinky biatch :D lol jk jk don't mod me.

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gj turdles, stick it clean btw I like zombies

Hey OP! Guess what! YDI for drinking! YDI for drinking! YDI for drinking! *child-like chant*

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Sounds like urine for a chat with a pissed roomie.

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YDI who the hell drinks on a weekday?

College students who just up with our finals!

I had my fair share of beer and bourbon in college, but I've never been so blotto that I peed where it doesn't belong. Anyone who gets this drunk deserves exactly what is coming to them, which in this case seems to be a severe beating with a 9-iron, followed by a nice long date with a steam carpet cleaner.