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  TheBiggerBoot  |  7

Remember when the idiots were smashing jugs of milk then running? Two people playing bumper cars would seem a lot better than that, god help OP when real problems start.

  chosha_fml  |  25

#17 Unless they wouldn't stop and OP had to try to physically get them to stop and get off the scooters. That could get dangerous. Hopefully they didn't hit any stock in the process either.

  awildwhisper  |  30

Getting fired might not be what OP had in mind at work. Though OP is 17, work isn't usually the place for fun when you have to deal with people playing bumper cars in the aisles you'll be responsible for cleaning up.

By  kirby1964  |  20

Only 17 and you already have a "I'm not being paid enough" attitude? What else could you be doing. Your only 17. And all you did was yell at someone. Not like you had to clean up after then. Be glad you have a job.

  dolfinmaster  |  7

Maybe it was more then just telling them to stop and it turned into a full argument because everyone in the situation is a teenager and they might think "oh he doesn't have any power over me. Who does he think he is"

  blueforensics  |  10

I agree with you. You may not feel like you're getting paid enough, but you're 17. The majority of jobs for 17yr olds suck. I know because I'm 18 and jobs still suck

  ShotaSammy  |  17

At 18 i had a great job, I actually still have that job two years later entirely because i enjoy working there. It can be physically demanding but its not a bad job at all. Not all jobs for 18 y/o 's suck

  andrmac  |  25

Wait you're not cleaning up poop, urine or vomit? Not sure you understand what dealing with children is about. Teens just act obnoxious sometimes. As long as the pick up the mess they are making or not shoplifting most things can be ignored.

By  yerawizardlizzy  |  27

Oh please. I agree work can suck and people can be assholes, but you're seventeen and working in a grocery store. You have few life experiences, little education, and your bills are probably zero. You're paid plenty.

  brezzyanna  |  17

#28 A truck isn't a necessity. You could have bought a much cheaper vehicle, or not had a vehicle at all. Adults pay for food, housing, etc which are actual necessities. So yeah at 17, most people have 0 bills to pay.

  jclarkmond  |  1

The issue here could be that the author doesn't feel that as a teenager themselves they have any authority over people their own age, or being respected by those people. That can cause many frustrations for them.